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How Do You Make Hype for a Music Video?

Creating and filming a music video is probably the most exciting part of the process. However, music video promotion and creating hype for its release can put a lot of pressure on artists. Your goal is to get as many people as possible to find out what is coming and to get them hyped up before its release. After all, you and your team probably poured your hearts into creating the music video that you want to share with the world.

After going through all the hard work of creating the music video, creating hype upon its release is all about timing. You don’t want to rush things. Otherwise, only a few people will find out about it, and the music video might not get the engagement and reactions you are hoping for.

In case you are wondering how to create hype for your music video upon its release, you came to the right place.

Tips to Create Hype for a Music Video

Creating hype for a music video is just like promoting a new single. However, unlike releasing a single on digital platforms, creating a music video requires more work, such as hiring a production team, actors, equipment, props, and more. Make sure you follow these tips to ensure that your music video gets a lot of attention upon its release date.

Interact with your audience regularly

If you have not started interacting with your fans regularly, you should probably start now—whether you are releasing a music video or not. Even before shooting your music video, regularly talking to your audience and building a strong fan base are keys to all the hype. Building a relationship with them will ensure that there will always be people hyped up for everything you release in the future.

You can connect with them through social media—Facebook Groups, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and even YouTube. By creating content to hype up the release, you can start by releasing still images or letting them know that something is cooking.

Take advantage of social media

Social media will probably be your strongest asset if you need to create hype and get attention. With over 2 billion users around the globe, social media is, no doubt, the most potent tool that enables artists to share their work.

When you are creating posts, make sure you hype up the visuals. You can post teasers of your music video in the form of high-quality still images or even create a 15-second teaser that does not give a lot away about the music video but gives enough to get your audience excited for what is to come next.

Send out an email blast

Aside from posting on social media, you can let some of your followers know by email. If you have an email newsletter, you can send out an email blast to let them know what is coming. Just make sure you create a compelling subject and an interactive email to get them as hyped up as you are for the upcoming music video release.

Write a compelling press release

If you want to do things old-school, you can create a great press release that will hype up the fans. For this one, you might want to take time and see the business side of things. A great press release will contain everything your audience needs to know about the music video, and the writing should be as clear and concise as possible.

A press kit is issued after a press release. If you already have a press kit for your band or artist profile, you should update the kit and include the press release, which includes all the information about your band and the upcoming music video.

Collaborate with artists and influencers

If you haven’t shot the video yet or are currently filming it, you can engage with other artists to cameo in your music video. You can also get influencers to be in it so that when it is released, more people can share your music video, and more people will want to see it.

You can spend a fortune on big names, but you don’t need to do that if you don’t want to spend too much just for the hype. There are some influencers and other artists with a decent amount of following, which is just enough to get the level of hype your music video needs to go viral on its release.

If you have artist friends who are willing to share your materials, you won’t even have to spend money on them sharing your work. All you need to do in return is share their work and promote it when they release new materials like a music video, a new single, or even a new album.

Pay for ads

One of the most effective ways to get more people to find out about your music video release is to pay for ads, whether they are on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Google. You can adjust the target market for the algorithm to show your music video trailer to people who might be interested in seeing it when it is out, and it does not even cost that much compared to other marketing tools and methods.

With smart ads, more people who are more likely to want to see your music video will get to see the ads, which will eventually lead to these potential viewers watching it on YouTube when the video premiers.

Hire a music video promotion service

If you want to free yourself from all the stress and headaches of promoting a music video, you can always hire a music video promotion service to handle all the tedious marketing tasks. Hiring a music video promoter will allow you to focus on the music and get your mind off the business side.

GUIÓN PARTNERS specializes in music promotion and artist management. With our experience and a tight grasp on music video promotion, we can create hype for your music video. If you haven’t started production yet, we can also handle everything from planning the shoot to the premiere.