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LINDSAY GUIÓN Details How Social Media and Streaming Technology Can Help Distribute Content Seamlessly

LINDSAY GUIÓN Details How Social Media and Streaming Technology Can Help Distribute Content Seamlessly

As a multi-decade veteran of the music industry, LINDSAY GUIÓN knows better than most what it takes to succeed within the music industry and entertainment marketplace as a whole. He, himself, found success but also noticed a definite hole in the overall industrial form: full representation.

Due to this, GUIÓN took it upon himself to create a 360-degree global entertainment representation firm, known as GUIÓN PARTNERS, to help ensure that talented individuals can easily find representation for a wide range of industry facets including music, acting, and sports.

Through this venture and his own experience, GUIÓN has learned a lot about how to successfully and effectively market yourself and your content to ensure a successful venture. Let’s look at how LINDSAY GUIÓN details utilizing social media and streaming technology to help distribute content seamlessly.

Planning and Forethought

According to, the key to any social media marketing and distribution campaign is ensuring you are planned and ready to go. You do not want to start producing content and then suddenly realize something cannot happen. Having a clear course of action will help you get your content prepared and presented in a smooth transition.

GUIÓN states that reading and research are two of the most vital things for anyone looking to work within the music industry. This is even more true when moving forward with creating content and presenting it.

Create a Presence

Having a presence on social media is a great way to get your name out there and ensure you have an audience to deliver your content to. You have to market yourself along with your music so maintaining a professional and personable social media presence where you can directly plug your music once it is on a streaming service creates a seamless and viable scenario where you can easily grow and maintain your brand.

There are a lot of things that can contribute to successfully distributing your content, be it music, videos, or any other kind of consumable content. You have options but one of the most viable is to ensure you are able to broadcast what you need to once the time is right.

The Best Advice

The best advice GUIÓN has for those looking to get a potential start is to work on really engaging viewers and fans. Offer special content, sneak peeks, exclusives, and more. Draw them in and show them that you are someone who’s content is something worth investing time and money into through purchases and viewership. That is the key to starting an online platform and effectively distributing music.

You have a previously unimaginable amount of assets on your side to work with, allowing you more opportunities than ever before to spread your media and make something truly special. Make use of it and market yourself effectively and you have a very real chance of succeeding within the music and entertainment industries. It is all in your hands!