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Strategic Partnerships that Take your Brand’s Capabilities to the Next Level

GMUSIC+ is here to offer you unparalleled expertise for artists and bands of all sizes. Our technical experience ranges from productions to performances. Whether your tour is for live music, television, festivals, and theatre productions, or corporate, our professionals will arrange travel and accommodation depending on your budget.

We are immediately available from start to showtime to help plan and deliver an exceptional concert tour or performance. From the pre-tour planning stage to help select the best venues across the nation to designing and promoting your live event.

Whether you’re a production manager working with A-list or breakthrough artists, dancers, classical concerts, musicals, or production, we tailor our services to your precise needs. Using our state-of-the-art tour management solution, we can also provide on-the-road live support, allowing you to view and manage in real-time.

Music Tour Management

GMUSIC+ provides complete touring management for artists and touring parties of all sizes – from newly signed acts to established bands and productions. We have superior experience across the board, from one-off events to major tours, so production crews and steel teams can rely on us for complete support. Our managing prowess will bring you the best.

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Music Tour Professionals

We will provide full support when you need it throughout your journey. In cases where it is needed, one of our tour experts will be on hand to provide the travel and expertise needed to make every performance and live event successful without any problem. Our tour management can travel ahead, arriving before your crew or VIPs arrive to ensure that all is in place behind the scenes.


Leading Touring Experts

What do we do? Simply put, GMUSIC+ makes your travel easier. Whether it’s getting to an intimate one-night-only performance or the logistics of a nationwide stadium tour, we become part of your team, strategically planning schedules, providing destination insight for artists and groups on the road, and making the seemingly impossible possible.

Are you a Rising Star?

If you are new to touring or have no idea where to start, you can leave everything to GMUSIC+. This may be your first time, but we are used to working with new artists. In fact, many of our clients started with us for their first-ever event – and we still work with them until now.

GMUSIC+ is part of GUIÓN PARTNERS, a well-known brand that helps many artists achieve their dreams. There's a lot to say about GUIÓN PARTNERS, its work, the level of success, the impact on society, and the critical role it plays. GMUSIC+ is a division that will entirely focus on music and artists.

GMUSIC+ is here to negotiate for the best venue, prepare your schedule, and ensure you are ready for anything. We make deals that yield the best results.

Whatever your budget, we can work within it – and we will be there for you every step of the way.


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