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Support positive changes in your life, which helps promote health and wellness. We offer a broad range of individual and group products and services to help improve your lifestyle.


The motivation for TherapySKIN® comes from Lindsay's journey to self-love through skincare. Lindsay believes that skin imperfections affect our skin and our confidence, health, and ultimately how we feel. He discovered the value of caring for oneself and using it as a tool for bettering one's physical and mental health, which is why he offers a complete line of high-quality, clean, and organic skincare products.


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Leading 360 degrees global representation companies in luxury real estate

GUIÓN PARTNERS have rapidly become one of the leading 360 degrees global representation companies specializing in luxury real estate to help our clients excel in every area of their careers. We have set ourselves apart from the competition by never resting on our laurels and striving to better service our clients.

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redefines the world of the luxury real estate industry

GUIÓN PARTNERS redefines the world of the luxury real estate industry. The prestige of Lindsay's name, combined with customized marketing strategies, and state-of-the-art technology, makes GUIÓN PARTNERS one of the most sorts after by celebrities, business leaders, and tech founders. Our team knows what it takes to manage a luxury real estate transaction successfully – the price negotiation, legal expectations, and expertise have consistently been top-notch..

Leisure: Golf

At GUIÓN PARTNERS, we are committed to fostering an exclusive golf experience where fun, friendships, and cherished memories flourish. Seasoned and new golfers alike will experience an all-inclusive lifestyle in the world of golf. Keep up to date with our golf insights and select travel news worldwide.

Selected resorts, restaurants, hotels, and golf courses

You will also get to enter exciting competitions that give you the chance to play golf at some iconic courses worldwide and stay at excellent 5-star resorts. You can also join some of our selected resorts, restaurants, hotels, and golf courses and get ready to stimulate your mind and body with the ultimate retreat.

Entertainment: Talent Rep, Entertainment and Sports Strategy Consultation

GUIÓN PARTNERS is a global representation company that harnesses the power of entertainment and sport to drive meaningful results for clients and brands. Our strength lies in understanding our clients' needs better than others and using our experience to create solutions that will deliver results. We also draw on our extensive experience recruiting talent in the sports and entertainment industry.

Our experienced team is made of talent management leaders and experts. They provide our clients with a unique 360-degree solution to help them meet the challenges of tomorrow, where an effective and efficient talent management strategy is key to being successful. Across strategy and execution, our seasoned experts connect the sports and entertainment industries worldwide to deliver results.