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Risk Management



Risk Management

If you are managing a sports facility, sports organization, a sporting event, or even a team, you better have a fool proof risk management plan for the worst thing that can happen. While it looks like a pessimistic view, it is the right way for an organizer to think. When running an event, the organizer has several areas of responsibility. The most important is to plan ahead a safe environment for participants, spectators, staff, and other stakeholders. Including protecting the assets of the organizations, facility, and other entities involved in the event. Fairly executing processes and policies within the plan is one other part that cannot be left unaccounted for.

Risk management plans

Risk-management plans will also need subcategories and strategies for emergency management, communications, and disaster recovery. Moreover, well-planned risk management strategies should be documented so they can be applied to other situations.

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Importance of Risk Management

The importance of risk management is to provide a safe environment during your event, in a facility, or your team. This needs to include not only participants but also spectators and your staff. It is important that when you are developing your plan, you follow these key steps:

Risk Identification

There is no such thing as a risk-free event. Always make sure to do a top-to-bottom check of your event to identify any items that show potential risk.

Risk Evaluation

Determine each identified risk and assign it a priority based on the likelihood of its occurrence and how much will it affect the participants and the overall event.

Risk Mitigation

Find ways to minimize or eliminate the impact of hazards. Take note, some risks cannot be mitigated.

Aspects of Risk Management

There are different aspects that you should look out for to get it right in risk management. Some of the tips include:

This is primarily mental preparedness that things might change, and some reasons will influence that. You also get to understand why some moves are made and why there are changes in teams.



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