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How Sports Teams Can Improve Fan Engagement With Digitalization

The world is fast-changing and the sports industry doesn’t fall short of this change as well. Before now, sports fans didn’t have personalized access to their favorite teams. They only got what they saw on post-match interviews and the on-field experience. But with digitalization, another step has been taken to improve fan engagement. This would benefit not only the supporters but the franchise owners in terms of monetization and promoting the culture.

That said, how can sports teams improve fan engagement with digitalization?

Social Media

This had to be mentioned first because of how crucial it is towards digitalization. Today, social media is the driving force behind sports brands. It offers a means for supporters to interact with their favorite teams, view highlights, get some behind-the-scenes action, and most importantly, a chance to banter. According to studies, 45% prefer online sports among self-identified devoted sports fans, compared to 33% who prefer televised content. So your social media presence is a must. And in a post-covid world, having a robust social media presence as a sports franchise is now a necessity because that’s your primary driver towards keeping your supporters engaged. Plus, the more engaged your audience is, the stronger their love for your team, which ultimately increases your revenue.

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Besting Your Competition with Data Segmentation

The sporting industry is highly competitive. But the good thing is not everyone is as good when it comes to using leveraging data.

Leveraging data is great, but what’s even more beneficial is segmenting your audience according to their desires and needs. For example, you don’t want to be targeting a supporter in the French League when your team is in England. You want to use data to target people you know will bite when you market your promos, apparel, and tickets online.


Customer Acquisition and Retention

When you can do this properly, customer acquisition and retention will be easier. For acquiring new users, for example, when a soccer team signs a player from another league, and you want to set up campaigns to bring in your supporters from the player’s previous clubs, data segmentation will give you higher conversion rates. This will help you win new supporters to your team when you can adequately target supporters who have a particular affinity with the new player’s teams.

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Sports events like the NBA playoffs or World Cup finals that require Pay-Per-View will also need targeted advertising.

To thrive in the sporting industry today, learning to optimize your marketing campaigns to target your fans is a crucial step towards winning the love of fans over your competing teams.

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We did this to help sports franchise owners keep up with the new age, using contemporary techniques to get the most efficient results.


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