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You may have heard of the singer-songwriter who rose to fame with her cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds that landed over 11 million views on YouTube in 2013. Lindsay Fields, known professionally as Jade Novah, grew up singing in a church in Cleveland, Ohio. Influenced by her father’s love for rock music and her mother’s interest in musical theater, Novah carved her life’s path around singing.


Therapy, the film, was a passion project that grew into something bigger than we would have ever imagined: our skincare brand, “TherapySKIN®”. Therapy can come in many forms, and skincare is one way to do that. The motivation for TherapySKIN® comes from Lindsay Guión’s (Founder/CEO) journey to self-love through skincare. He discovered the value of caring for oneself and using that as a tool for bettering your physical and mental health.

TherapyLIFESTYLE Collection

It’s time to take care of you! The TherapyLIFESTYLE Collection is for when your days are filled with mental stress, environmental pollution, or lack of sleep. This line is capable of delivering relief when you need it the most. Developed with love and therapy in mind, the TherapyLIFESTYLE Collection is available now. Find rejuvenating products gentle enough for daily use, and make it your private destination for self-care.

When the spotlight`s on, we`ve got your back – just like the lyrics promise. Like a reliable support system, our expertise is there on time, ready to shine and come through whenever needed.

Embrace the power of collaboration with us and together, we`ll create a symphony of success!

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Sip in style with the THERAPYFILM Coffee Mug! ☕️ This limited edition mug is not just a vessel for your favorite brew; it`s a piece of the award-winning THERAPY masterpiece. Join us in celebrating the fusion of music and artistry that GMUSIC+ brings to life. Get yours today and make your coffee breaks more soulful.

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Feeling those beachy vibes and catchy tunes in Barachi`s ‘Yours’! Let loose, dance to the rhythm, and enjoy the good times. Who`s up for a dance party by the waves? 🌊

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Much like the reels of film that weave stories, the #THERAPYFILM Black Jacket carries a narrative of its own. As #GMUSIC evolves into a new era, so does our fashion expression. Wear the story, embrace the art.

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Celebrating the Vibrant Tapestry of Hispanic Heritage!
As we embrace Hispanic Heritage Month 2023, we honor the rich culture, history, and contributions of the Hispanic community. From art to music, cuisine to literature, and everything in between, your influence enriches our world. 🌎
Let`s come together to recognize and celebrate the diversity that makes us stronger. Here`s to a month of unity, empowerment, and cultural appreciation. ¡Viva la herencia hispana! #HispanicHeritageMonth #CulturalPride #UnityInDiversity

Repost from @ielawschool:
"What a privilege it was to host the Opening Ceremony of the newest cohort of the joint IE Law School and Northwestern School of Law Executive LL.M. Program at our Madrid campus earlier this week!

We got to meet the 39 new faces of the program, making it the biggest cohort since the program launched! We’re excited to get to know this group of professionals from diverse fields and specializations, and to discover the different perspectives and expertise they bring to our classrooms.

Now let’s get started! #WeAreIE #IELawSchool #Northwestern #International #executive"

We`re thrilled to celebrate the launch of the IE Law School and Northwestern School of Law Executive LL.M. Program in Madrid!

We are happy to share that Lindsay Guión, our visionary CEO, is part of this incredible journey, blending innovation with law. Stay tuned for the next chapter of growth and impact!

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Let`s take a soulful journey into the heart of Ginuwine`s "I`ll Do Anything/I`m Sorry." The lyrics weave a story of love, regret, and the lengths we`re willing to go to mend our mistakes.

Let`s chat! Pour your heart out on these verses – how they hit you, memories they stir, or lessons they taught. Ginuwine`s soulful notes touch us all, unraveling the raw threads of love and remorse. Share your take! 💭

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Show off your style with the Therapy Tote Bag – a fusion of music and fashion. Carry the essence of THERAPY`s soulful past and promising future wherever you go. Let your fashion sing to the rhythm of your musical soul!

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Our rising talent Marli Jaye lends her magic to "Part of Your World." Let her voice carry you to the timeless allure of the Disney classic!🧜‍♀️

What song would you like to see her cover next?

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