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Real Estate Private Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions are the go-to solutions for businesses looking for other opportunities suitable to deploy their capital. Mergers & acquisitions are transactions in corporate finance where ownership of companies, operating units, or other business organizations are consolidated or transferred to other entities.

A merger will occur when two separate and different entities combine forces in building a joint organization. On the other hand, an acquisition refers to the taking over of one venture by another.

It's challenging to manage and understand the risks involved in mergers & acquisitions, primarily if you've invested in an unfamiliar industry or market. GUIÓN PARTNERS has extended its chain of services to help corporations, alternative asset managers, infrastructure investors, private equity firms, and lenders manage mergers & acquisition risks.

Providing you with personalized industry-specific depth

Our dedicated team of attorneys and advisors serves domestic and cross-border clients by providing you with personalized industry-specific depth. With ample experience on our belts, we deliver insights to facilitate, evaluate, and close your transaction. Altogether, we still come in handy to ensure you still manage the buy-side and sell-side risks.


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We further partner with our clients

In addition, after closing a deal, our group purchasing programs are in line with the economies of scale to maximize the buying power and reduce the insurance costs over the lifetime of the investment and beyond. It all starts with the identification and evaluation of the potential risks of your mergers & acquisitions transaction.

GUIÓN PARTNERS will help ensure that the accuracy in price and speed of execution is considered. That makes it easier for you to submit your bids with confidence. We further partner with our clients through the whole deal continuum. That's from the transaction phase to the execution, then the integration or exit stage.

You'd enjoy top-notch skills to blend commercial insights and practical business with tax and regulatory knowledge as one of our inputs. We do this through the identification procedure for effective transaction structures. We also help you to identify exposures and negotiate appropriate indemnities and warranties.


Merger & Acquisition Services

GUIÓN PARTNERS offers several services related to M&A. These merger & acquisition services include;

Deal Structuring and Negotiation Support

As mentioned earlier, we start the journey with you. Once you identify any market or industry to invest in, we help you structure a deal. It will include all the terms, legalities, and potential business expectations and predictions.

We additionally help you with the negotiations so that you can get the best deals from your bids. The negotiations help in maximizing your buying power and lowering the insurance costs involved.

Merger & Acquisition Integration

Part of our job is to see that you will maximize synergies to ensure that the deal you chose will live up to its predicted value.

Asset Management

We also handle all your assets to ensure that you are on the right track in the M&A deal.

Buy-Side and Sell-Side Advisory

Our team of advisors is equipped with knowledge in buy-side vs. sell-side. We'll advise you on buying & investing in large securities for fund management and the creating, selling & promoting traded securities.

Due Diligence

After you sign the letter of intent, as your partner, we partake in the task of confirming pertinent information about the seller. We go through their contact, customers, finances, and much more to ensure their genuineness and reliability.


Time and again, we do valuations of your investments to track how you are doing in the M&A deal. Valuations tell if the merger & acquisition is performing as expected.

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