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Reach your Goals with Our Proper Sports Operations Management Services

The world is rapidly changing, and if you’re not leveraging the right technology, you’ll be left behind despite how talented you might be. At GPI Sports, we’ve noticed that many skilled sportspeople don’t get to where they deserve because they don’t have the proper exposure and representation required. This is why we set up our sports management services that help athletes worldwide achieve their dreams. We do this using cutting-edge strategies while embracing contemporary technology to ensure that they thrive in today’s sporting industry.

Talent Branding

In every industry, how your audience perceives you determines how far you go. This is why we help you create a unique story to help your audience resonate with you on a deeper level. Coupled with this, we teach you how to embrace and maintain this version of yourself properly, so it seems as natural as possible. Seems like something you want?

Proper Education About the Industry

If you don’t get the proper education about the industry, you’re likely to hit bumps on the road, which can be detrimental to your overall success. But thanks to our highly qualified sports leaders, they help put you through the steep learning curve that the industry brings. This is because of the massive amounts of people they’ve trained and the experience they’ve gotten from it.

Let Your Story Be Told

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Operations Management

Despite the challenges across the globe, the sports industry continues to flourish. Aside from athletes, If you are an owner of a team or the owner of a sports facility, you are among the most important part of the sports industry. However, the amount of value you create depends on how well you manage. That's where GUIÓN PARTNERS steps in.

For many years GUIÓN PARTNERS have been managing sporting events, sports properties, sports facilities, content, media, advertisement, and other means of generating revenue for businesses in the sporting industry. We had helped many businesses grow, and we will continue to work with stakeholders in the industry.


Get the Upperhand when Legal issues arise

Legal issues and controversies are bound to happen, especially in an industry as massive as the sporting industry. Because with attention your success will create, you’ll come across many people who may not have your best interests in mind. So, you should see our service as a safety net against all of the unforeseen issues that can likely ruin your career. At Guionpartners, we have a team of in-house legal practitioners who are readily available for issues like this.

Our Sports Management Services

Sports Property Management: Sports properties include sports clubs, sports organizations, sports facilities, sports events, and athletes. Proper management of these properties will determine how much revenue can be generated. One thing is to own or have a right on sports properties; another is to properly manage it. We manage sports properties and help you monetize and maximize what you have, whether it has a big name or it is relatively unknown.

Right Management

We help the right owners maximize revenue from matches and sporting events. You can earn a good income through gate fees, but recent events have inspired us to look for more ways of revenue during sports matches. At GUIÓN PARTNERS, we have developed multiple sources of generating revenue for the right owners.

Sports Facility Management

Let's support your franchise and help monetize your sports facilities. We have a team that is trained in the proper management of sports facilities. We can also help you increase your fan base. Events and Content Management: We organize live sporting events, content broadcasting, event, and content marketing and negotiate sponsorship deals on your behalf.

Athlete Management

We provide unmatchable representation for professional athletes that want to soar high. Let's take you to places. While you concentrate on improving your skills, we will handle your media and profile representation, offer guidance and professional supports.

Risk Management

There is no doubt risk is part of every business, but our many years of experience have given us a better understanding of the risk involved in sports management. We understand companies, their exposure, and vulnerabilities, and we have developed resilient strategies to avoid unnecessary risks and triumph in this uncertain age.


A Team of Experts

We just don't go into sports; our team consists of top experts that fully understand the industry. If you choose us, you will be working with professionals that combine experience with expertise and have a great passion for success.


Redefine and rebrand your sports business and career today. Get the experts involved. We are always ready to work with all sports entities. So, contact us today for professional operational management, and let's help you grow faster than you can imagine.

Who are we?

Founded in 2005, GUIÓN PARTNERS is a representation entity created by music industry executive LINDSAY GUIÓN to act as a global 360 representation firm. With over twenty years in the music industry, LINDSAY GUIÓN is a professional. He noticed a lack of rounded representation, so he decided to step out of the direct industry and take on the role of helping others find their path. This cuts across the sporting industry as well, and we want you to be our next project.

Why us?

Our 65+ member team comprises talented management and professional marketing specialists, all working together to guide you to your dreams. The industry can be challenging to navigate on your own, but we’ve got you covered. A team of experienced industry veterans, who have access to hundreds of unique networking opportunities and special events, will be at your side, making your journey significantly easier. We are here to help you get ahead and gain the relations needed to make it happen.

Ready to take your career to heights you never imagined possible?

The Sports Value Chain

We use best practices to help our clients generate revenue. We have successfully managed many small and big organizations before, At this day and age, we carefully look at companies vulnerabilities and potential issues. GUIÓN PARTNERS is here to form resilient strategies to counter these problems.

What Do Sports Managers Do?

Sports management is a broad field. It includes the management of sports personalities, facilities, and events. You can be a sports agent, sports marketing manager, sports contract negotiator, or financial analyst. So, what do you need to excel in sports management?

Many sports managers have also participated in the game before at one point or another. Sports like football and basketball have most of the stakeholders either as previous players or die-hard fans. If you fully understand how the game is played, then it will be easier for you to manage it. It will be difficult to represent a player or a sports team when you have little idea of the game. Marketing it to sponsors or building a fan base will also be easier if you have been part of the game before. But not all people that manage sports are sportspeople. Many of them are simply career and business people.


The Take-Away

Sports management is lucrative and interesting. You will have the opportunity to earn good money while you do what you love. However, a sports manager needs to have passion for the sport, managerial skills, and academic qualifications, to be successful.


Ready to turn your CAREER into SUCCESS and reach heights you’ve never attained before? Then talk to us.