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In an industry as fast-paced and constantly changing as the entertainment niche, you have to be ready to lace up and chase those dreams.

Digital transformation is redefining the media industry

Traditional business models are being replaced by customer-focused experiences and new revenue streams to support them. From the big screen to video games, esports, or music broadcasts to live events, GUIÓN PARTNERS helps organizations capture attention and create value for their businesses. Improving processes, reducing costs developing innovative business models.



Focus areas within the media world


Our experience with the world's leading brands helps us set trends and solve challenging and dynamic industry problems.

Digital Transformation
Business model innovation

Business model innovation

In a constantly competitive market, media organizations must combine great content, wide and deep distribution, and an increasingly needed advantage: user experience. Changing consumer behavior is driving new revenue models in the streaming age.

Consumer behavior

Monetization strategies

Product and service innovation

Business and operational transformation

Partnerships, joint ventures, and businesses

Data's transformative capacity

Media organizations can leverage data to anticipate what consumers expect, improve acquisition and retention. Identify new opportunities and revenue sources for the product or service, create content, and enhance operations.

Business aligned analysis

Governance and operating models


Decision-making based on data and innovation

Technology enablement

GUIÓN PARTNERS' data, analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities help customers drive analytics adoption, accelerate value capture, and build trust in data between partners and consumers.

Data's transformative capacity
Privacy, piracy, and IP protection

Privacy, piracy, and IP protection

GUIÓN PARTNERS Helps Clients Think Better About Security; evaluate, design, and improve your cybersecurity programs. Interpret and respond to regulations and incorporate cybersecurity and privacy in business decisions and processes.

Digital Millennium Copyright

Data privacy rules

Protection platforms


Protecting customer content and privacy is critical for all media companies. With large volumes of data stored on cloud computing platforms, and the rules governing data protection, privacy and piracy evolve differently from region to region worldwide, security has become a complex challenge.

Challenges in the world of advertising

Challenges in the world of advertising

Today more than ever, media companies, advertising agencies, and marketers have more ways to get messages to consumers. However, so many options also create more complexity.

Ad tech stack optimization

Advertising sales innovation

Accreditation and transparency report

Ads effectiveness

From useful audience measurement to transparent reporting to creating safe environments for brands, the way forward is not always clear. As consultants too many key players in the advertising environment, we have a holistic view of where and how media companies can differentiate themselves to serve advertisers and consumers alike.

The evolving music, sports, and entertainment industry

The game keeps evolving. How the fans watch and interact with their favorite teams, artists, and shows continue to change, creating various new challenges for these industries.

Transactions and partnerships

Media rights and distribution

Operations, facilities, and ticket sales


GUIÓN PARTNERS specialists serve as trusted advisors, offering clients information based on years of industry experience and providing strategic analysis, valuation, and due diligence services to sports leagues, teams, facilities, and producers of significant events. We offer an enthusiastic and peculiar sports practice with experts in multidisciplinary disciplines who can help you turn your challenges into opportunities.

The evolving music, sports, and entertainment industry

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