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Kirk Ivy and How Ivey Design Build Came into Existence

Kirk Ivy is among the great personalities in the world, and there’s a fantastic story behind how he ventured into the design industry. It all started with his desire to become an aircraft engineer in college, which later proved that it wasn’t his passion. It was not until he participated in a home remodeling that he knew where his heart lay.

By helping out his mum in remodeling their home, he got the calling and pleasure in participation, and he immediately knew that he was meant for design. Kirk Ivy helped oversee their home remodeling and later earned a gig to help a friend manage a small plaza project. These two involvements in design were the most significant steps towards building the empire or what he refers to as his home – Ivey Design Build.

Kirk Ivy brought in his honest, ethical, and trustworthy ways of conducting a business to ensure that Ivey Design Build stands up to its reputation. His new passion for interior design, information technology, and construction has improved over the years, and he’s been able to oversee multiple masterpiece projects effectively.

His Caribbean vibe has been a significant influence on his work. Although the company is based in Miami, FL, his upbringing in Kingston, Jamaica, has affected his approach to constructing seaside and tropical residences.

He went to Miami because the place is magical. It’s a perfect environment for individuals looking to enjoy the sunny tropical weather and escape the busy city life. Such a setting creates an ideal space to implement his ideas. The beautiful homes don’t fall short of the proper inclusion of open spaces, allowing plenty of natural light in the rooms.

Furthermore, the ocean’s proximity makes these homes more ideal. The layout and design of those homes near the ocean are drawn from his life back in Kingston. Kirk Ivy’s vision has always been to satisfy the clients’ best interests. That makes the custom-built spaces ideal because they are tailor-made to fit each client’s unique style and preference.

Ivey Design Build’s primary goal is to ensure that it delivers a luxury experience to all clients. Kirk Ivy has always wanted to give life to ideas, which inspired the whole idea behind launching the company. Many people have visions, but they find it challenging to work on them – this is the gap that Ivy Kirk wanted to fill. He intended to bring in the input, so good enough, to ensure that every aspect of a project is articulated professionally.

In that regard, a client can experience the entire construction phase as they see the transition of their idea coming to life. This allows them to follow up step-by-step on how the work is carried out. Ivey Design Build has a team of experts from different fields who work together to ensure that each step is excellently executed. The superior craftsmanship and exceptional finishes in customization are what clients value a lot.

Despite a decade of hard work and experience that yielded exceptional results, Kirk Ivy still has more in store for the company. He aspires to maintain and continue exceeding the high standards of service rendering to all the clients.