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Interior Designers

5 of the Most Sought-After Interior Designers

Interior design is a field that has drawn a lot of attention to many individuals who aspire to transform spaces into masterpieces. It is quite a challenging course to go through several things that usually go into consideration. Moreover, we have to consider the amount of light, the colors to incorporate, the material used, the available space, the kind of vibe to be achieved, the number of accessories, and so on.

All these come together to execute a client’s vision of what they would want for their space. As much as it might seem challenging, some people are so good at it. It doesn’t mean that the task is always simple, but they do have their way around getting solutions to every problem. The five most sought-after interior designers known include;

1. Rita Chraibi

Based on Quantum on the Bay, 1900 N Bayshore Drive, Suite 1A #108, Miami, FL 33132 e 1A #108, International Designers by Rita Chraibi is a renowned interior designing company. Rita comes from a family with a similar background to the granddaughter of the pioneering real estate development women in Morocco. She got her passion for interior design and architecture at quite a young age.

She studied at the Ecole Camondo School of Architecture & Design in Paris, and in 2013, she launched her company. She has effectively blended her French-influenced and European design expertise through luxurious and modern designs in hospitality and residential projects in the US, Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Along her greatest projects lies a sequence of attention to detail and diligence, which, according to Rita, are the pillars of the designing procedure. Rita always ensures that each project gets a good share of her diverse skill set and expertise to effectively extract every space’s natural potential.

2. Arlyn Mateo

Arlyn Mateo is the founder of AM House, based at 257 Giralda Avenue, Coral Gables, FL. She is an art dealer and curator who doesn’t believe in the soulless acquisition and mass production. According to her, each painting has a soul, life and draws emotions. This was the primary reason she created AM House – an exquisite space where stunning artworks are displayed to stimulate viewers and keep them coming for more.

Arlyn holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in finance and fine arts. She is deeply passionate about art, and she has made it her course to find blue-chip pieces for her clients. This is also a way to discover new artists who will gain recognition over the years.

As a global artistic platform, AM House provides people with the space to not only their desired art pieces but also a place to talk about art and share ideas, create life, and inspire others.

3. Guimar Urbina

Guimar Urbina boasts of a 15-year experience in modern interior design. Based in 4141 NE 2nd Ave, 202, South Florida, she has stemmed her expertise internationally through the US, Europe, and South America. In 2009, she launched her interior design firm, KIS Interior Design, specializing in commercial and high-end residential projects.

Guimar later changed the company to Guimar Urbina Interiors which defined her revolution in the market and style. She has recently participated in a show, Designer at home, where her role was to advise families on how to remodel in complex environments. She also participated in the 3rd edition of CASACOR Miami, where she launched her Wallpaper and Fabric Collection.

4. Julia Wong Designs

Julia Wong is recognized for her luxurious and sophisticated hospitality, retail, and residential interiors. She is based at 4349 Park Vicente, Los Angeles. Her perfect integration of beauty and functionality through tech has earned her international recognition: her work references fashion, history, and architecture.

Every project presents Julia with the opportunity to infuse warmth and elegance and create beautiful and comfortable spaces. She is pretty diverse as she has done different projects, from celebrity Malibu villas to penthouses in Ritz Carlton Residences. She’s also taken part in brand collaborations with her latest done together with Dacor, Cambria Stone, Walker Zanger, and Le Grand.

5. GENESI Design Studio

Alessandra Giordano is the founder and owner of GENESI Design Studio based at 360 NW 27th Street, 8th Floor, Miami, FL. It is a studio that deals with interior design, turn-key furniture leasing, Feng Shui, home staging, and rare finds. GENESI Design Studio was initially founded in Toronto, Canada, and it serves its list of elite clients with a combination of personal desires and energy in each project.

Alessandra studied fashion design and retail management, where she began her journey. She’s been holding high positions in retail centers in the last decade, and that’s where she bagged most of her experience. She eventually transitioned her love for fashion from clothes to new interior designing, where she likes it the most.