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Therapy - The Short Film

TherapyFILM is an impressive concept that blends the past and the future, with the present serving as the conference.

The present is what GUIÓN PARTNERS delivered to you, with a reminisce of the past and a peep into the future. It is rare to see a project of this nature; it wraps a classic soul in fabrics of today's techno-pop.

TherapyFILM is a story etched in songs and delivered by a sonorous actor with supporting actresses. It is centered around a hopelessly romantic and highly successful brother who's in search of love. He is blessed musically, financially, and sexually.

The Rhythm and Story

Each song has its own rhythm and story and still connects to give the audience a memorable experience. It is like river tributaries that connect at the fall, giving the visitors a beautiful sight to behold.

Art, they said, is disparities to form a whole; Therapy is indeed an art carved by a meticulous team of professionals.

The video album resonates with love, and the artists never hide their passion.

The "Honey love" is delivered with a cool sound from a keyboard that is beautifully married with percussive palpitation.

The tempo came down a little with "Tell me,"; a halcyon day of love letter when lovers were hopelessly romantic and passionately expressed their love. This story is shrouded in 1940's Doo-wop and Bass drop; this is a meticulous mesh of R&B and Rock.

One of the unique features of Therapy is how it consciously blends different genres and still comes out as a unique piece; this is indeed artistic! They were carefully carved out and passionately delivered. "Yours,” is one of those where the artist used words to paint how hopelessly he is.


Barachi is a brand globally represented by Lindsay Guión

The theme also reappeared in “You Got Me” and “Me + U.” Barachi showed that his passionate search for love is healthy and fulfilling with "Don't leave." "Don't leave" is rather a wish or, better still, a prayer that the love he's found should last, and if possible, it should last forever. The "Important" is the crown of it all. It is a philosophy that explains the guiding principles behind the passionate search for romance and love. The song is graced by Isaiah Sharkey, who has worked for both D'Angelo and John Mayer.

He is a multi-instrumentalist and has a team that has good ears for good music. The story was brought to life by Lindsay Guión and his team with high-definition pictures that were meticulously grafted together. One cannot forget the effort of the actresses; they professionally interpret their characters and add more beauty to the project.

Therapy lives up to its purpose as it rained awards justifying the great efforts into the project. The awards and nominations are from 2019 to 2020 and still counting as Therapy is bringing recognition, nominations, and awards like confetti; it really deserves it!


Why was it started? What was the motivation behind starting it?

Therapy the Film was started as a concept steaming from the use of Barachi's music videos. How do we take a visual album and turn it into a storyline for a film but still stick to the main premise of an African American not being afraid to go to therapy? That was the main question.

The way that I did this was to make the videos’ main character, Jonathan, and turn these videos into his escape. He saw the world as one big music video. His demons came in the form of bad dreams. He wants to be happy. He is a romantic type of guy that after a bad breakup just wants to be able to move on and fall in love again. The therapist helps guide him down that road. Therapy is not limited to one race... it is colorblind and beneficial to all.

The ending isn't tied up in pretty bows though because life is messy, and a therapist can't wave a magic wand to produce miracles. Therapy is a safe place to help him through the process.

The motivation for everything Therapy comes from Lindsay Guión steaming from his own breakup. It was his concept based on the need he saw for people of color thinking that going to therapy was a sign of weakness. He wanted to show that therapy is a tool for good mental health and well-being. That it is okay to seek help. You don't have to always been the "macho" man that carries everything on his back until it breaks. That isn't good for anyone. Everyone is entitled to happiness and the key to that is to take time for yourself and when you need help go get it. Just because you're black doesn't mean that you need to shy away from therapy. A therapist isn't there to judge. They are there to help.


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