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The Inspiration Behind TherapySKIN®

Therapy, the film, was a passion project that grew into something bigger than we would have ever imagined: our skincare brand, “TherapySKIN®.” Therapy can come in many forms, and skincare is one way to do that. The motivation for TherapySKIN® comes from Lindsay Guión’s (CEO of Guión Partners) journey to self-love through skincare. He discovered the value of caring for oneself and using that as a tool for bettering your physical and mental health. Lindsay wanted to share that discovery with the world, especially for men who are not yet aware of holistic skincare and its benefits or are hesitant to use skincare products because of the gender stigma associated with it.

TherapySKIN®  has allowed Lindsay to create the skincare line he envisioned. TherapySKIN®‘s unique mission is to spread awareness on how taking care of your skin can benefit your mental health. A mindful skincare routine can reduce stress, allow you to take a break from negative thoughts, and help you live a healthy and balanced life. Guión built the skincare brand on the values and foundation of genuinely helping people and making a positive difference in their lives.

Lindsay and his team kept asking themselves, “How can we make a significant impact on the sphere of mental health and self-care?” That started with creating a skincare brand for every individual who wants to invest in and take care of their emotional and physical well-being. Every idea starts with a problem. Our solution was simple: to create an organic, cruelty-free, holistic line of skincare products that isn’t limited to a race or a particular group of people. We also made sure that TherapySKIN® formulated a warm and welcoming brand with minimalism in mind.

The brand represents every empowered individual who is mindful of self-care, and it encourages those who are yet to start by creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with themselves. TherapySKIN® aims to give you a holistic, full-body skincare experience, just like Guión Partners is a strategic 360-degree talent agency that caters to various industries such as athlete representation and real estate management.

TherapySKIN®‘s fundamental commitment is to help its customers grow in beauty, not just from the esthetic standpoint, but the beauty of love, health, and self-confidence. Guión Partners built TherapySKIN® on the basic idea that natural skin care products are as effective as regular ones. It’s a brand that only uses responsibly and ethically sourced organic ingredients, which means all products are formulated without questionable substances. Petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, parabens, and other nasty additives are not required. They have no place in our products. Our nature-certified skincare is produced using sustainable products and environmentally friendly practices.

TherapySKIN® aims to achieve better physical and mental health for its consumers. It’s a known fact that you’ll also feel good about yourself when your skin looks good. Join TherapySKIN® as we revolutionize the skincare industry by living a little cleaner, a little greener, and looking beautiful while doing it!