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Gmusic Merchandising


Music Merchandising

Being an artist is a hard enough task, and more often, you never get the time to handle the side businesses of your musical career. At GUIÓN PARTNERS, we understand there's more to music than being a musical genius and creating unmatched artistic lyrics. Once you're done creating your unique music, we come in to help with the rest of the challenging work.

Whether it's licensing, agreements, or intellectual property processes that you need help with, you can never go wrong with GUIÓN PARTNERS.

GUIÓN PARTNERS offers the helping hand when you're tied to working around your creative musical pieces and are afraid of losing out on the merchandising side of your career.


What Kind of Services Can We Offer?

We emphasize securing licensing deals that will boost the value of your brands with a bias on quality products on all the product categories in your catalog.

We understand you need the best brand partnerships selected from numerous categories on offer. It is essential that you seek help to develop global brands with customized licensing programs so you can easily stand out tall and unique.

We will research and work with your in-house team to settle for the best available licensing partners to deal with the product categories they are well-experienced in.

Co-branding and collaboration are essential to bringing up powerful merchandise that will sell and represent your brand effectively.

Through appropriate licensing procedures, we help link your brand with other successful brands so you can optimally gain from their unique market presence.

And that's not all! We'll follow up and manage the partnership deals for you by following up on all partner's sales efforts and periodically acquiring royalty reports from all partners.

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