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Influencer Marketing Services

In the modern world, a new breed of celebrity has been born: the social media influencer. With the rise of social media as an industry force, these influencer accounts work with brands to recommend products to their trusting fans and create promotional content for businesses that they choose to work with.

The Influencer Impact:

Influencers are an entirely new breed of celebrity and with them, there is an entirely new niche of marketing available that specifically caters to younger audiences, as they are the primary base demographic for social media activity. Due to this, many of the influencers we see focus on beauty, gaming, exercise, wellness, and lifestyle posting, catering to individual target demographics within each.

Brands have been smart to utilize the impact of influencers to push their products. Photo posts, videos, and simple mentions from popular influencers have been known to skyrocket brands into success if the selected influencer is a good fit for the campaign. Researching influencers and what type of content they make can help you to figure out who would be the best candidate for your brand and open doors to new customer and client bases.

Success Stories
Influencer Network

Explore The World of Influencer Marketing

Let’s explore influencer marketing and see if working with influencers to extend the reach of your presence socially is right for you! A very effective marketing technique that has worked for a wide range of brands and products in almost every niche imaginable.

A Mutual Partnership

In choosing an influencer that meshes well with your brand and, on the opposite side of the coin, working with brands that represent the same things you do, you can create a cohesive and put together image. If you run a fitness blog, it would make sense that a brand partnership with a protein powder company or supplement brand would be mutually beneficial. Similarly, beauty influencers often receive packages containing beauty samples like makeup and skincare since their representation of the brand often brings in more interest.

Simple Success Stories


Banza, a brand that manufacturers low carb chickpea pasta, for example, became wildly popular and has retained its popularity following a campaign of successful social-media-based influencer marketing. Essentially, the brand owner reached out to influencers through their emails and offered free samples in the hopes of making it onto their social media pages. The plan worked and soon his pasta was popping up everywhere, including grocery stores around the country. From a single product and a man on a mission to a massive business with multiple lines and tons of fans everywhere, Banza is the perfect case for influencer marketing working as it should.


Getting started as a brand or influencer within the influencer marketing industry can be tricky. There is a lot of work to be done and networking that has to happen. GUIÓN PARTNERS is a global 360 representation firm that can help you navigate this market with confidence!