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Posts by Lindsay Guion

A Wider Perspective on How Broadcasting and Production Can Positively Help the Music/Sports/Entertainment Industry

With web and OTT content gaining traction over conventional audience platforms in the COVID-19 age, the industry should welcome digital transformation and strive to develop it for the public. Every sector has seen the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the companies most affected are those who focus entirely on people’s social disposition, i.e., those…

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What to Expect When Hiring a Talent Management Specialist?

Have you been looking for that big break to achieve your dreams and have your art displayed for the world to see? Hiring a talent management specialist might just be that key to give you your big break. Or do you need someone who can handle all the formalities that come with event booking and exposure,…

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Brand Marketing Agency

Thinking of taking your business to another level, but you don’t know which route to follow?  Hiring a brand marketing agency might just be the solution to your problem. Their sole purpose is giving your business a better look and getting more eyes on your business. Branding and marketing are crucial to any business because,…

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EPS VS. ALBUMS: KNOW THE DIFFERENCE In an industry as bustling and saturated as the music industry, it can be hard to get on your feet. There are thousands of singles and playlists out there battling it out to become a top hit and, obviously, only a select amount can succeed. When looking at the…

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the Original Motion Picture, Released Worldwide

“Therapy,” the Original Motion Picture, Released Worldwide From executive producer, LINDSAY GUIÓN, Therapy is a motion picture that was released on August 30, 2019. Featuring singer, songwriter, and actor Barachi, who is represented by GUIÓN PARTNERS, the film follows a weaving and winding tale of lovers who find themselves caught in a web of obsession,…

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Role of Technology on Modern Marketing Agencies

Role of Technology on Modern Marketing Agencies Technology has changed everything that we do. It has absolutely revolutionized many facets of our modern industries, creating a wholly new way of doing business for many markets. Let’s explore the role of technology in modern marketing agencies and see if we can better understand the overall impact…

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