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Live/Broadcast Production


Sports Live Broadcasting Production

The technology behind sports broadcasting has evolved. Today, sports live broadcasting has become live streaming. Videos are uploaded on the internet 24/7 and many sports events using live streaming production are changing the way production occurs. What can you do to ensure your video production is of the highest quality? GUIÓN PARTNERS features state-of-the-art tools, automation, and 4K to or higher quality production.


Choose a Solution That Works

Times have changed. Sports live broadcasting today may be as simple as recording your video with your mobile phone and broadcasting to your audience. But it may be as complex as mixing events from different locations and broadcasting them in real-time. That's where GUIÓN PARTNERS steps in. GUIÓN PARTNERS features solutions to analyze, capture, produce, automate, stream, and monitor live sports video cost-effectively. Broadcasting sporting events with the right tools. Help increase efficiency while reaching new audiences.

Live Broadcast of Sporting Events

Live broadcasting of sporting events are a mainstay for entertainment. Due to the pandemic, more people prefer to stay at home and watch their favorite teams than going to a live event. Your fans and viewers don’t have to miss anything. You can bring the power, emotion, and excitement of sports into your fans' homes.

Here's some of what we offer when doing live broadcast production on sporting events:

Professional tools

We give your live streaming events a professional polish without the hassle. Easily share with your audience.

Live Capture & Streaming

GUIÓN PARTNERS provides direct delivery of professional production formats so that the content arrives “ready to work” at your location.

Bump Up the Production

Multiple cameras switch between feeds, create layered broadcast graphics, add pre-recorded video, and more. GUIÓN PARTNERS brings live broadcasting to a whole new level, catching everything from all angles.

Workflow Automation

GUIÓN PARTNERS brings in high-tech automation that makes live broadcasting seamless and efficient.

Discover a Solution Specially Developed for Sports Live Broadcasting

Ready to go live? Let’s take you there.

Our solution combines many features to make your live sports production a huge success. We can capture every detail, enable easy editing, stream live to all platforms, monitor the output, and alert you if anything is going wrong.

Our system works such that we will see the problem and correct it before your audience know that anything is wrong. Moreover, the solution is perfect for all sporting events, irrespective of the size of the events, the number of spectators, or the number of your crew. You can use our sports live broadcasting solution to produce your content the way you want it.

Two boxers are fighting on professional boxing ring.

You can count on us for quality, efficiency, and reliability.


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