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Live Broadcasting Companies

Top Live Broadcasting Companies that Cover Sports

Some popular broadcasting companies cover all the sports you could desire, and they’re easy to access. Streaming your favorite team on Sunday nights for the football game or finding that first baseball game of the season is simple when you sign on with some of the top sports broadcasting companies. Many of them will stream live, so you’ll never miss a moment of your favorite game!


Hulu is one of the premier video streaming services and offers a Hulu Live TV package that offers local and national sports channels. You’ll be able to have a whole host of on-demand content in addition to your live streaming sports. The channel list is wide-reaching, so you’ll never have to go without it. The downside of live streaming is that even the on-demand library includes ads. A few channels are missing as well, including most of SportsNet. But the price is right, and it’s available almost everywhere!


Peacock, part of the NBC family, has been expanding sports coverage to subscribers at its highest tier. There are several Premier League matches and WWE content on offer for any subscriber as the free tier is expansive in its content. Some other movies and shows with Peacock include popular shows from the NBC glory days. The top tier still has ads, though, so if you’re easily annoyed by ads within your shows and programs, you might need to find another streaming service!

YouTube TV

YouTube has come a long way from the place where weird videos to an empire in its own right. YouTube TV has a long line of sports and other news and entertainment channels on its docket that offer many different teams and games to subscribers. There are several easy-to-use features, including a DVR option, so you’ll never miss out on a game you want to see! One of the downsides is that it does only have basic parental control options, so you’ll need to be careful who in your family might have access to the entire archive on offer.

Prime Video

And last but not least on the list is Amazon’s Prime Video. If fall football is your cup of tea, this is an excellent option! The main things on offer for live sports are the Thursday Night Football and WNBA games. Amazon has continuously lost third-party content to other services, so their range on offer is a little lacking. But when it comes to other original and downloadable content.


Even if you’ve done away with your satellite or cable, there’s a way to still catch your favorite teams through live broadcasting companies like Hulu, Peacock, YouTube TV, and Prime Video! There is no reason to miss out on your teams’ big moment with these top broadcasting services!