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Football Talent Manager

Football Season – What Exactly Do Talent Managers Do?

We are at the heart of another beautiful football season. As you know, the 2021/2022 season of the National Football League (NFL) officially kicked off on Sept. 9th, 2021. While we look forward to a successful and fun-filled season, craving the best performances from our favorite sports stars is only the standard.

But we won’t be the only ones doing the watching. NFL’s crop of highly revered talent managers would also be on the frontlines looking out for the best heads to scoop-up next season. So, what exactly are the roles of talent managers? We will try to answer the question as briefly as possible, looking into the vital quality talent scouts look out for in football players.

Who Is A Football Talent Manager?

A talent manager or talent scout is an individual who searches for football players with unique skills that are good fits for a particular club, agency, or country. There are three kinds of talent managers, which include:

Talent Managers for Agencies

Talent managers for agencies work for agencies with contracts with several football clubs. Their job is to go around looking for talents on behalf of their agencies. The agencies, in turn, send the contacts of these talents over to the clubs for vetting.

Talent Managers for Clubs:

Talent managers for clubs are the common types of football talent managers. Each of them works for a particular club and understands every aspect and due diligence of the club. Therefore, they can tailor their scouting processes to match the club’s long-term interests.

International Talent Managers:

These types of talent managers work for countries or national teams. They look for nationals playing in established clubs and work to ensure they come home to represent their countries in international tournaments.

What is The Scouting Process Like For Talent Managers in The NFL?

There is no particular working order for football talent managers. Some work throughout the season, while others only work during pre-season. A special few ply their trades mid-season, especially around transfer windows. It all depends on the goals of the clubs or agencies that assign them the tasks of scouting for players.

Nonetheless, a critical trait of every talent scout is the ability to know the right qualities to watch out for in football players. A good talent manager should also work closely with managers of the club they work with and coaches of other clubs within the league.

Above all, talent managers should learn to work with old and new information and be up-to-date with football trends.

What Qualities Do NFL Talent Managers Watch For In A Player?

Below are five essential qualities NFL talent managers watch out for in football players:

  1. Physical Attributes: Football is a full-body contact sport. Therefore, the build of a player matters a lot.
  2. Technique: This includes passing, dribbling, shooting, and touching skills. The level of finesse with which a player does all these plays a role in their success.
  3. Competitiveness: How hungry is the player to prove himself and reach success?
  4. Tactical Prowess: A player must know how to position himself within the team and improvise and optimize opportunities.
  5. Person Life: What is the player’s personal life like? Is he married, single, or divorced? Does he have a clean record (alcohol, drug abuse, prison, perhaps)?

In conclusion, the job of a football talent manager is demanding. We hope you’ve gotten some ideas on how some of your favorite football talent managers operate. Enjoy the season.