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Talent Representation & Management Solutions


Talent Representation

GUIÓN PARTNERS is the leading talent representation agency with a decade and a half of experience. Lindsay Guion leads a devoted team that represents top artists, creators, and leaders in every category.

Since 2005, we've worked with multiple talents. Our representation stretches from new talents to big names in the game. We've managed to make stars throughout our operations, create careers out of art, and, most importantly, incubated talents as we help them grow to extreme heights.

Some of the roles of our talent representation packages include

  • We help screenplays get buyers
  • We help ground-breaking films get financiers
  • We facilitate the launching of new TV series
  • We give life to new companies
  • We build and maintain strong networks of the industry contacts
  • We negotiate the terms of working and payments for our clients
  • We keep track of our client’s activities and rosters
  • We research for up-to-date and in-depth knowledge on different fields
  • We advise and mentor talents on professional and personal decisions that affect their career
  • We keep up with the competition in the industry.

However, our main task is to find jobs and fair contracts for multiple talents. Other than that, we also support, promote, and defend the interests of our clients. This way, they can grow and develop into exceptional individuals and build brands.

So what kind of talents do we represent?

Talents We Represent

GUIÓN PARTNERS is an agency that has multiple departments. We provide our clients and partners with global access and insights into every angle of entertainment and sports. Our clients are some of the most publicly adored figures in film, television, news, music, sports, theater, fine art, books, video games, podcasts, and other social and digital content.

We define content creators, leaders, and top artists in these categories:


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GUIÓN PARTNERS is the go-to representation entity for every artist. We provide quality services and help you grow to your maximum potential.


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