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Athletes are not well represented; with several agents looking for deals, they'll get more significant cuts rather than considering the athlete's career. GUIÓN PARTNERS is recognized for the impact it's making in the entertainment industry. With multiple hands-on client management, the organization plays a crucial role in ensuring that individuals achieve their goals and realize their dreams. GUIÓN PARTNERS recently stretched their wings to focus more on a different clientele who are athletes playing various sports.

Changes pose challenges to the sportsmen, and that's the gap GPI Sports want to fill.

The majority of these sportsmen and women are involved in basketball and football, although the floor is open for any other athlete participating in a different sport. But why take this direction? Sportspeople need a lot of attention, and as artists, they are rated with their current form and role in the teams they play for. There's a highly competitive spirit, and the industry is constantly changing with new regulations and updated policies. These changes pose challenges to the sportsmen, and that's the gap GPI Sports want to fill.

Challenges in the Sports Industry

There is a need to readjust the current form of doing things because the industry faces a somewhat different type of challenge. Everything was forced to shift online, and right now, fans can't physically cheer for their teams nor attend any games or training sessions.

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CURREnt changes and challenges weighing the industry down:

  1. Reliable sports leaders. Many athletes lack the touch of tested, proven, and trustworthy representative firms to manage them.
  2. Sports marketing success. The times are changing, and getting effective sports marketing success, you have to rely on the market leaders to deliver quality.
  3. Digital revenue boom. Now that everything is done online, the sports industry has introduced streaming and broadcasting matches that have seen significant revenue earning. However, not as effective as how things played out when fans could access the stadiums.
  4. Leading representatives. Athletes are often represented by specific brands who they, in turn, be their ambassadors. However, it’s not easy to find a firm that represents the athletes and manage their career.

Services Offered by GPI Sports

GPI Sports has analyzed the sports market, and it is here to make an impact. With the relevant statistics of all the loopholes and the intelligence to provide a way forward, it came up with ways to serve the sportsmen on their critical and complex opportunities and issues.

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Research, Analytics, and Evaluation

Once you present us with a query and your targets or possible changes in your career, we take it upon ourselves to find out more. That includes research on the issue, coming up with the analysis, and evaluating our results. Then we will call you back for a review.


Working with a system is of great importance to ensure that we follow a particular pattern for the best results. A strategy gives guidance, and it also becomes clear to the sportsperson what is going on.

Planning and implementation

Now that the strategy provides a clear outline, planning follows. We put everything in place to ensure that your best interest is at hand. That includes your career and individually as a brand. Implementation of the plans is the ultimate procedure as we seek to give birth to all the ideas.

Organization and leadership

As a trusted firm, we deal with organizing all your needs and providing the best leadership guide for improving your areas.


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