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What Do you Need to Know About Music Management?

What Do you Need to Know About Music Management?

“What does music management actually mean?” is a question that pops up all the time in the music industry.

The question is as common with young aspiring artists who are not familiar with the inner workings of the trade.

There are so many ways to answer the question, and there are as many correct answers as there are as managers in the industry. An individual with experience as a music manager may have answers while another may say something else, and both would be right.

Here is an article that aims to remove some of the mystery about music management and what they do.

What Makes a Good Music Manager?

A great Music Manager must love and believe in their clients and their work. It’s hard to put in the time and effort necessary to be fantastic if the person or the product isn’t any good. The Music Manager should know more about a music career than producing hits!

For personal qualities, a good Music Manager is typically outgoing, as a lot of the job requires them to speak to people and meet with them. They must be friendly but professional and memorable. A Music Manager has to be someone everybody wants around because that’s how they get a lot of work done.

What Do Music Managers Do?

Music management involves more than studio sessions and scheduled video shooting. A Music Manager should know how to manage strategies and utilize tools to enhance brand exposure effectively.

Essentially, a Music Manager needs to do almost everything for their client…everything that doesn’t require specific training.

A Manager needs to work on ensuring the artist has all they need for a new music video shoot; the musician has everything packed for a tour, they have their social media presence where it is needed, a single is ready to be posted to streaming services at exactly the right time, look for brands to partner with, and so on. The list of tasks could go on endlessly.

When a musician is just starting, the Manager has a much more all-inclusive role, as they need to do everything. They need to keep the artist working and raise their profile, usually with minimal resources. If a musician is lucky enough to be able to create and perform their art for a living, that’s usually when other people are involved, and then the job of the manager changes.

A Music Manager must keep everything connected to their client’s career in conversation, such as a record label, a PR team, the teams in charge of mixing and mastering music, directing and editing music videos, taking photos, everyone involved in a tour, and those involved in pushing songs for sync and licensing opportunities.

Music Management is an important part of an aspiring artist. It is the sole reason that having an excellent managing team is very vital for growth and publicity. Music Management is an all-around task, and there are different approaches to managing.