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the Original Motion Picture, Released Worldwide

“Therapy,” the Original Motion Picture, Released Worldwide

From executive producer, LINDSAY GUIÓN, Therapy is a motion picture that was released on August 30, 2019. Featuring singer, songwriter, and actor Barachi, who is represented by GUIÓN PARTNERS, the film follows a weaving and winding tale of lovers who find themselves caught in a web of obsession, conflict, and, ultimately, the consequences of their actions.

Following Jonathan, played by Barachi, and Jayda, played by actress Isadora Ortega, the story is a tantalizing look at love and romantic hardship that is based on a true story. As a full, intensive experience, the film traces the lines that take a relationship from honest love to full obsession, showing the spiral in real-time.

Masterfully paired with a soundtrack that weaves the story together, this film is a carefully crafted tale that will have you entirely enthralled. Featuring music by Various Artists and featuring rising R&B artist Barachi, the soundtrack works to elevate the story and convey the emotions and desperation within the obsession in a realistic and tangible portrayal.

Featuring a talented team, the film was directed by Dame Pierre II and co-produced by Lex Lewter and Mindy Rosario. Elle Monet, an acclaimed professional lifestyle curator, also lent herself to the project as a creative partner. This lineup comes together to create something truly special and timeless in Therapy.

What truly sets this film apart is the interactive nature of the score. Critics have hailed it as quite literally the perfect fit for the film, featuring the exact cues and notes to create a divine atmosphere for each and every scene. The soundtrack alone is a masterpiece that can stand alone and compete with some of the top modern R&B albums on the market. Songs like “Honey,” which shows a deep, intimate nature through warm keyboard tones truly paint the picture for the emotions the actors are conveying on screen.

One song in particular features acclaimed guitarist Isaiah Sharkey, who has worked on some of the hit songs of D’Angelo and John Mayer. Entitled “Important,” the song is a strong reminder to love and live each day like it’s your last, as the next is not guaranteed. The heartfelt, powerful song is a favorite among viewers and showcases both Barachi’s smooth, incredible vocals and Sharkey’s prowess as a guitarist perfectly.

Another hit from the film, entitled, “Yours,” places a finger directly on the pulse of romance and the realities of love. Showing the dedication of a lover to their partner, the song’s lyrics are direct and honest, showing a side of love that is sometimes less discussed. The line, “No, don’t be afraid / I’ll shelter you from the rain / Yeah, sometimes your pain / You so crazy, but I’ll keep you sane …”, resonates particularly with the audience and drips with the sweetness and jestful nature of new, budding love.

This is a film with layers that is visually stunning, has a soundtrack that could easily be a standalone masterpiece, and features a cast of incredibly talented actors. LINDSAY GUIÓN and his team worked to create something truly special within this title. Therapy is simply a must-see.