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Role of Technology on Modern Marketing Agencies

Role of Technology on Modern Marketing Agencies

Technology has changed everything that we do. It has absolutely revolutionized many facets of our modern industries, creating a wholly new way of doing business for many markets. Let’s explore the role of technology in modern marketing agencies and see if we can better understand the overall impact it has made on modern marketing agencies connecting with their business clients.

1. Enabling Instant and Ongoing Customer Connections

If you take a look back at how marketing was done a few decades ago, you will likely notice some stark differences. Back then, marketing agencies used things like focus groups and surveys to create the data necessary to assist their clients in successfully marketing their brand and products. While these tools are still effective, now they have been greatly simplified.

Modern marketing agencies can connect in an instant with a pool of customers and collect data. They can also easily check in on an ongoing basis, creating data pools for a host of different purposes. All of this would take weeks and months to compile but can now be done in a matter of hours or days thanks to modern internet and social media technology.

2. Unprecedented Release Speed

Before, a company would have to plan for a press release or a new campaign launch months in advance. There was a lot of coordinating and careful planning to ensure everything went smoothly to reach the desired customer base. Now, these same types of campaigns or press releases can be sent out in an email or through the mail in an automated process, making for a faster than ever before processing speed.

This change in processing times as amounted to more campaigns being able to be run at the same time on consecutively and has cut down on costs and the amount of effort required to create something viable. This makes marketing as a whole much easier and provides plenty of room for growth and the spread of information. Just imagine what our world would be like if this type of quick turnaround was available just a few decades sooner!

3. Extending Reach into New and Non-Traditional Markets

Let’s be honest, marketing in the past was limited. You had to carefully balance the expenses of a campaign with the outreach values to ensure you were reaching enough people to warrant the costs. The scope and reach of campaigns were limited greatly due to this.

In the modern market, influencers and social media make it easier than ever to reach new and nontraditional markets, widening the spectrum of influence for a host of different brands. Now, as an example, with a single brand deal, you can reach literally millions of new people on Instagram in moments. One post could spread like wildfire, launching your brand into a success!

An Ongoing Asset

The power of the internet and modern technology is undeniable. It has completely revolutionized the marketing industry and, according to LINDSAY GUIÓN, will likely continue to do so on an ongoing basis, creating the perfect space for growth and the formation of new marketing techniques.

With the amount of information that we currently have at our fingertips so readily available, it makes sense that the sky is the limit in regards to what a marketing team can do.