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In an industry as bustling and saturated as the music industry, it can be hard to get on your feet. There are thousands of singles and playlists out there battling it out to become a top hit and, obviously, only a select amount can succeed. When looking at the industry climate, many budding artists consider dropping EPS instead of full-length albums to get their work out there.

If you are one of these artists, LINDSAY GUIÓN, founder, chairman, and CEO of the multi-facet, global 360 representation firm known as GUIÓN PARTNERS, is here to assist you in choosing the right format to release your music to the world and maximize your overall impact.

Understanding Your Options

Sometimes, people who are newer to the industry or who misunderstand the two concepts use the words “EP” and “album” interchangeably. The two formats are actually drastically different and will have a different impact and effect on your fans and potential fans. Understanding these differences is vital if you hope to successfully market your music in a meaningful and impactful way. Let’s explore both and clarify the issue a little.


At its core, an EP’s concept is simple. It is more than a single but not enough to be a full-length album. As an abbreviation for “extended play album,” EPs generally have a few carefully selected songs to act as a sample for the musician’s target audience. This makes it an excellent way for those who are very new to the music industry to begin getting feedback from their fans to improve their music further and prepare for a potential full-length album release in the future.

It is also much more affordable, making it less of an investment and easier for many newer artists to handle at the start of their careers.


Albums are, essentially, long-form EPs. They contain many more songs and are much more time consuming and expensive but are generally a high impact option that really delivers an expansive musical library all at once. According to LINDSAY GUIÓN, albums should be a well-rounded representation of an artist’s music and provide a look at all facets of their talent that they wish to display in order to be effective.

Creating an album can take upwards of twelve to twenty-four months and can be very labor-intensive and time consuming on a day to day basis. It is truly a commitment but will generate a much more substantial fanbase in most cases than a single or EP could.

Generating Success, According to LINDSAY GUIÓN.

LINDSAY GUIÓN is a professional in the representation industry, meaning that he knows his way around getting a talented individual’s name out there. He did it for himself at one point in his career and is actually a music industry veteran, too.

He worked within the industry for years before turning to create GUIÓN PARTNERS, a revolutionary global 360 representation firm that bridges the gaps between different entertainment industry facets.

Being successful within the entertainment industry, especially on the musical side of things, takes a lot of hard work but if you put in the effort and learn how the inner works of the industry turn, you have a chance. Professionals like Guión Partners are here to help you succeed, as well, once you are ready for their services.