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Sarina P

Organic Music Marketing: Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Music

The music industry has evolved over the years, making significant changes and noticing great progress along the journey. Music marketing is a critical step in a music career. If you can’t sell your craft, you’re out of business. While many musicians focus on the modern ways of marketing their music, there are also other lesser tedious options but equally effective methods that provide a great alternative.

Musicians are now making their music; they write lyrics, produce and mix their tracks – all made possible by the resources available. This makes them more involved in their art than ever. These efforts can further be carried along in marketing their music. Since not many musicians are exposed to premium tools and marketing alternatives, organic music marketing can be their go-to solution to push their music to their fans.

So, what is organic music marketing? This is a more natural way to engage with your fan base and give your music the proper exposure to your audience. Unlike the fancy and complicated marketing strategies experts use, you only need to do a few things to get your name and music out there.

Organic music marketing is the baseline to making a name for yourself in the music industry and creating awareness of your art. This is the primary and only way to grow your music career. It comes out naturally and is a genuine way to approach your fans. By building trust and teaching them about your music, you get to win them over easily.

So, what are the top five ways to organically promote your music?

  1. Fan Engagement: Engaging with your fans is crucial to building a relationship with them. For people to like your music, they have to know you and understand your art. This is only possible through social media engagement since artists don’t have the luxury of interacting with their fans due to their schedules frequently and physically.
    However, social media platforms present the opportunity to do so. You can share a few facts about you as fans are also interested in you as an individual, with your music career aside. You get to show them who you are and create that intimate relationship with them. This gives them insight into why you chose the type of music you’re doing, and they get to understand your art better.
  2. Collaborate with Other Artists: It’s challenging to do everything on your own. However, organic music marketing provides an alternative by allowing you to work with other musicians. Collaborating with equally ranking or more established musicians shows that you have a love for the art. It also shows how flexible you are to adjust to the different rhythms and styles of music depending on the circumstances. Furthermore, collaborations generally show a different version of the artist.
    Collaborating also allows you to learn from other artists and helps you gather a network of potential people you can work with in the future. Through collaboration, you also get to reach out to another fanbase since the artist(s) you’ve worked with will also promote the songs – which is something you will do as well. This is always a win-win situation, and such projects have much to gain.
  3. Themed Spotify Playlist: Music runs the world in different ways. It’s factual to state that there’s music for everything – music to sing along to in the shower, kill your sorrows, celebrate your wins, chill on your patio, and, lest we forget, music to jam to during road trips. You can create a Spotify playlist of songs to vibe to a particular setting and share it with your audience.
    To effectively market your music, you can include your songs among the top tracks on the playlist, and also, don’t forget to include other amazing songs from fellow musicians. It’s always good to appreciate art from fellow musicians. This will be an act of goodwill and a show that you listen to and learn from others.Playlists on Spotify will win your audience over, especially if they hit the right nerve for the desired feeling from the listener.
  4. Join Related Conversations: Social media and the internet, in general, provide a relatively comfortable space for people to hold conversations about literally everything. Such platforms allow musicians to air their views on particular matters directly or indirectly affecting them. Contributing to such discussions is essential to show that you care and know what’s happening worldwide.
    Nonetheless, you must be careful with your words. Everything you do, you are representing your brand, and one false move can drastically cost you. It is essential to be sensitive on such matters and avoid being biased on the issues that require picking sides. All in all, be primarily involved with conversations around the music industry and related brands you work with.
  5. Giveaways: There’s nothing that strikes a nerve more than offers. Email marketing has proven to be a reliable way to market your music digitally, and what better way to get the emails than an old-fashioned organic music marketing trick? Everyone enjoys a free giveaway as long as they benefit from it. You can initiate a giveaway of anything your brand offers at the expense of gaining email subscriptions.While your loyal fans will subscribe to your notifications, be there giveaways or not, others would require some persuasion, which is an excellent way to go. You can offer giveaways that require an email subscription, which adds entries to your email list to help you reach out to more fans.

Organic music marketing is a brilliant way to reach out to your fans and sell your music. Other ways to organically market your music include starting a blog to share content and collaborating with local businesses to play your songs during special business days or happy hours. Such steps ensure that you push your tracks to as many listeners as possible to create awareness in the local and international markets.

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