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Build Your Listenership Organically With 3 Easy Tips

Build Your Listenership Organically With 3 Easy Tips

Becoming a musician or an artist is not easy. Despite all the time and hard work you put into your music production, it can take forever to build your listenership.

Identifying the marketplace and your target audience is just the first step. You must implement specific strategies to promote your listenership. Organic music marketing is crucial for music professionals, as many are starting their music careers and cannot afford costly paid advertisements.

Your success with marketing your music depends on the tactics you use to promote your listenership organically. If you are targeting your audience online, make sure you have a plan to get the maximum audience attention.

How to Build Your Listenership Organically With Music Marketing

Remember that a fair volume of music, podcasts, and other audio/videos are released daily, making the competition high to get maximum listenership. Fortunately, you can use the strategies below to grow your listenership organically.

Use The Community

Artists often make the mistake of wasting too much time building their profiles (social media, websites, blogging) from scratch. These owned media channels take forever to build and grow, and there is no guarantee that hard work will bring in more listeners.

The ideal process is to reach out to the community while simultaneously building your media. There is no denying the fact that you can grow your social channels faster by reaching out to people and communities. Many influencers, social media pages, groups, forums, and fan clubs have your desired audience; that way, you will not have to find and build an audience from scratch.

Many musicians do not know where to begin the community hunt journey. The first thing they need to do is identify the platforms with a relevant target audience. It is a massive benefit that you already have qualified leads, including people who are likely to drive value from your offerings.

Once you have identified such platforms, you must reach out to them. Follow them on social media, contribute with communication, subscribe to their newsletters, and occasionally or frequently purchase their merchandise. These steps will allow you to build a relationship with them and start getting noticed.

The advantage of being a part of the communities is that they provide opportunities; when it comes to music, people are always ready to listen to new tracks. For example, if you are a rock artist, you can ask people to give reviews on your recent original or cover.

Through these strategies, you can find collaborations, co-hosting opportunities, and get interviews. The above tactics will increase your organic listenership and grow your media.

Create User-Generated Content

Artists can significantly benefit from user-generated content if the success of old and obscure bands on TikTok is anything to go by. Working all by yourself on your website or social media content can leave you exhausted and slow your growth. But a well-placed and timely piece of user-generated content can create unprecedented awareness of your music.

Ask your friends, family, and followers to create content using snippets of your music and promote your work. In fact, if you reach out to the community, many people will happily volunteer to create user-generated content for you.

User-generated content is diverse, allowing you to create massive momentum via social and web content. This content can include videos, pictures, testimonials, quotations, fan art, fan-made videos, cards, and anything your fans or followers have given you.

And the best possible way to get started is to ask for what you want.

For instant and quick user-generated content, the simplest thing you can do is to ask the people directly who can help you. Ask for fan illustrations, testimonials, and other user-generated content.

For people outside the circle of friends and family, the best way is to email, ask for a quick favor, and tell them how much it will mean to you. Another effective method for gathering content without directly asking is to do giveaways and contests.

Create events to reward the best fan-made music videos or the most creative use of your music. The winner gets a prize and the opportunity to be your co-host on a podcast or maybe see you at a concert. Once you have enough content, turn them into attractive audience posts ready to go to your social profiles and website.

Syndicate And Distribute Your Content

Gone are the days of posting content to specific sites and waiting for your audience to come to you. For example, videos are not only limited to YouTube nowadays; many other platforms can bring significant traffic.

Distribution and syndication are essential to successful music marketing. Content distribution allows you to bring more traffic than usual; as the digital world advances, social and web platforms will enable you to distribute the content.

For example, you can post your music video on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok; these platforms will collectively bring massive traffic. Not only that, live streaming has become an integral part of social media platforms.

It is now easier than ever to automate your marketing tasks. However, even with the right technology at your disposal, you must use the right tactics to get results. Identify your goals and objectives. Know what you are working toward. Once you have identified the needs correctly, you will be able to target the right audience and platform.

Monitoring the analytics and insights is important for growth; you should know what type of content is converting the audience into listeners. Moreover, your efforts will be more successful when you include a compelling call to action in your content and accounts. Including CTA like “subscribe to our channel” or “join us” can significantly increase your listenership. Most of all, have patience with your promotional campaigns and track your performance in syndication and distribution.

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