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Strategic Music Marketing and Partnerships with GUIÓN PARTNERS

Strategic music marketing is a set of strategies and studies that aim to improve the overall results of a music project and is a concept that all artists should keep in mind at the time of their professional launch.

Surely you have seen talented musicians who cannot go further more than once. And you will also have noticed that many musicians, sometimes not so talented, have come very easily to fame.

I would tell you that more than 90% of the musical projects that fail have done so because they are unaware of the main “drivers” of the transformation of the current Music Industry.

This is not a matter of luck; it is the role of music marketing. Music marketing is responsible for studying the market and consumers, like any other type of marketing, analyzing tastes, what people are looking for in each style of music, etc.

Normally, the lack of a music marketing strategy fails those talented artists who never get to live from their work. Poor communication, the difficulty in creating a community of followers, or the lack of presence in the digital world are examples of the shortcomings that can make the difference between reaching stardom or staying in the attempt.

Today, music marketing is the only vehicle to transport your musical project toward the objectives set.

I will share some important keys to strategic musical marketing and management with you.

  1. PRODUCT: There are many products associated with you as an artist or band, but the most important is your music.

    This “intangible” product (we cannot see it or touch it) is part of a creative process in which ideas are made. And through music production, you will seek to immortalize those ideas in a physical or digital format to be heard.

    It is important but not essential that you know what the current musical trends are. Only in this way will you be able to incorporate elements that are becoming popular into your music and thus get more of the public interested in you in a short time.

    However, it is not a mandatory rule. All kinds of music have their niche that will be willing to listen to you, which will connect with your proposal through your music and lyrics.

    Just remember that if you are here, it is to sell your musical proposal. So, this one must comply with the minimum: that it sounds very good.

    If you have a very good song, everything else will be easier.

  2. PROMOTION: The promotion of a product is one of the keys to marketing. In this case, your work is the product, and promoting it is what will make people want to listen to you.

    Designing a plan so that your music reaches as many people as possible is not easy, but doing it well is a differentiating factor in 90% of cases.

    Getting people to know who you are, want to see you live, follow you on social networks, etc., are actions that will not make everyone love your work, but they will give it a chance.

    Today, promoting your music is not as difficult or expensive as it used to be. It is much easier to reach a more significant number of people at a low cost with social networks. But not only that, thanks to social networks promoting your music can be faster, more personal, and much more effective than with traditional media.

  3. PARTNERSHIP AND COLLABORATIONS: There are different ways by which partnership can help scale an artist’s musical career, either by partnering with other artists or securing a partnership deal with a brand. Sometimes collaborations with a popular musical brand may involve giving away your music for certain purposes, even for free. Although this is not something that should be done every time, early in the musical journey it can be very beneficial for the artist, especially if the music brand has a large fan base.

    Collaborations with other artists of the same genre that already have a broad audience are also an excellent way to reach more people, hence the famous collaborations that we all know.

  4. WORKING WITH A MUSIC MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT AGENCIES: The marketing agencies for musicians have a deep knowledge of the market, the target audience according to each style, and the different actions that must accompany the trajectory of an artist to make their work and talent known.

    If you have the time and knowledge to carry out your music marketing plan as an independent musician, that’s fine. However, if you don’t, you prefer to have the help of experts so you can focus on what you really like and know how to do best, then working with a music marketing company like GUIÓN PARTNERS is the right step for you to take.

    These music marketing and management agencies accompany the musician from the beginning of his career with actions to publicize his talent and music so that the musician gains more and more followers to dedicate himself to body and soul.

    The services offered by marketing agencies for musicians are very extensive and also depend, to a certain extent, on the investment you want to make in them.

    These agencies offer among their main services image consultancy, creation of musical web pages, musical distribution, securing partnership deals for an artist, monetization of YouTube videos, advertising, legal advice, etc. In short, they offer almost everything an artist or a musical band needs to take into account.

    In addition, they offer typical marketing services such as the design of a clear and efficient strategy, advice for social networks, the actions that the musician must carry out to gain followers, etc.

Finally, if you need a music marketing and management company that can be responsible for planning and executing a series of procedures to make you as an artist a profitable musical project, that is, to sell. Sell ​​YES! Then GUIÓN PARTNERS is your go-to plug.