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LINDSAY GUIÓN’s Tips for Building Relationships with Clients as a Personal Manager

LINDSAY GUIÓN’s Tips for Building Relationships with Clients as a Personal Manager

As the dream job of many people, working with celebrities is a highly rewarding and exciting career path. You get to experience a person’s pathway to success first hand and even have a role in laying the bricks on the stairway that guides their ascension to stardom. There is nothing else like it in the world!

LINDSAY GUIÓN, the founder, chairman, and CEO of GUIÓN PARTNERS, a revolutionary representation firm within the entertainment industry and beyond, is a prime example of what can happen when your hard work and ability pay off.

He works with celebrities daily to ensure they can excel in their careers and make a lasting impact. Let’s discuss some of his top tips for building relationships with clients as a personal manager.

Strive for More

Your clients are working hard. They are often taking long days and are probably being constantly bombarded with a lot of different pieces of feedback, potential jobs, and more. This is why going above and beyond to accommodate your clients and make sure they have everything they need is so important if you want to be successful within this industry.

Personal managers, according to LINDSAY GUIÓN, are held in high esteem and are viewed as loyal. They should be ready to get to work and be a reliable, consistent asset to their clients. You should work hard to ensure that your clients are completely satisfied with the work you provide, no matter what is happening around them.

Understand the Current Market

If you do not know how the industry is currently working, you are not an effective personal manager. This may sound harsh but it is very much a fact. After all, your job is to assist your client in managing their careers and navigating the industry.

If you do not know what directors are looking for, what kind of music is hot, and what jobs are open, you cannot work to ensure your client has consistent work and a viable ability to make a lasting impact on the world around them.

You have to have keen attention to detail and be able to plan things down to the letter, creating a careful schedule to ensure your client maximizes every moment of their day. With so many meetings, encounters, and opportunities to network happening every second, getting your client to different events and venues is crucial in ensuring they can meet and interact with the people they need to be successful. You have to be on your toes and ready to make it happen!

Be an Asset

The biggest thing to remember is that you are a tool for your client’s success. To have a positive impact on their career, you have to be willing and ready to do everything you can to help them out along the way. You are their most trusted team member; make sure they know you are here to help them excel!