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Benefits of Brand Management Agency for Influencers: With LINDSAY GUIÓN

Benefits of Brand Management Agency for Influencers: With LINDSAY GUIÓN:

With the modern digital age, how we consume content and find talented individuals has greatly changed. We are truly in the rise of the social media era. With more than 70% of younger individuals saying they trust influencers more than traditional celebrities and informational sources, it comes as no surprise that this new type of celebrity is beginning to show its true potential within the entertainment industry.

Along with this, the need for brand management for these talented individuals is increasing, as well. Let’s hear what the founder, chairman, and CEO of GUIÓN PARTNERS, a leading representation firm, has to say about the benefits of a proper management team for influencers to enhance their careers.

The Power of Brand Management:

According to LINDSAY GUIÓN, the key role of brand management is to cultivate customer and fan loyalty. You want to create a bond and earn the trust of your customers and fans. Even more importantly, once you have this trust, you want to ensure you hold onto it and strengthen it, as once it is broken it is quite hard to regain.

Brand management works to ensure you are cohesive and put together. This is valuable since keeping your image consistent across platforms is key in creating a brand that is strong and recognizable. Everything from color palettes and fonts to logos can be carefully chosen and fine-tuned to create a cohesive presence. This is one of the key functions of brand management, as your appearance and degree of being put together are two of the first things people will encounter when finding your pages.

Aside from that, brand managers will work to help you choose brands to work with that fit with your image and are viable for long-term engagement, earning you money while not taking away from the message you are trying to convey. It can be very tempting to take part in every brand deal you can since it does generate a good bit of revenue and often comes with perks and special treatment but due to the need for consistency, you likely do not fit well.

For example, it would not make sense for a natural lifestyle page to choose brands that are full of harsh fragrances and chemicals. Similarly, it might be offputting for a makeup artist influencer to do a deal with an athletic sock retailer. Brand managers can assist you in selecting what best suits your image and fits what your fans and customers would be interested in viewing.

Time for Content:

With a brand manager handling the finer details of your business deals and partnerships, you have more time to focus on other things, like the very thing that gave you your current platform: your content.

You know better than anyone what your fans and consumers want from a content standpoint so having more time to create and make the things they like. This creates a balanced venture that will be easier and much more viable!