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LINDSAY GUIÓN on the Future of Connecting with People

LINDSAY GUIÓN on the Future of Connecting with People

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we have collectively experienced unprecedented changes in the way we interact with people and go about our daily lives. While the orders to stay at home have impacted businesses and forced us towards a looming potential economic downturn, people like LINDSAY GUIÓN, CEO, founder, and Chairman of GUIÓN PARTNERS, a leading representation firm within the entertainment industry, see hope. Let’s explore the future of connecting according to LINDSAY GUIÓN’s predictions and see if we can find that same silver lining in the current black cloud we are facing.

While gatherings are smaller and businesses are limited, there are some upsides to this situation, thanks to the ingenuity of those that currently lead industries. GUIÓN noted that despite there being obvious problems with contacting clients and customers and even providing services, brands and individuals have turned to live streams and video call applications to spread their messages.

This technological advantage has helped many businesses and individuals survive the pandemic. While everyone is experiencing hardships, having technology has certainly worked in our favor, cutting down on just how isolated we actually are. The internet, social media, and digital platforms as a whole have made it easier to convey information and reach out to each other, preventing a full shutdown from occurring and keeping many entities afloat.

These are uncertain times and in uncertain waters, all you can do is keep treading. Technology is the life preserver that makes it a little bit easier.

GUIÓN himself has said that though events are canceled and stay at home orders are often being extended, his clients still show hope themselves. For many working individuals, this downturn is just business as usual. They recognize the issues at hand but also know that if they want to survive, they have to be willing to fight and press on in the face of such intense adversity.

With GUIÓN’s belief system, you have to keep fighting and pushing forward. In his own words, “only when we have our backs against the wall are we called to greatness and excellence”. This could not be more true for the current climate. Putting forth an effort to keep your limiting beliefs in check while pursuing the ability to do more and be more is key in ensuring you are going to come out of this entire pandemic and resulting socio-economic climate stronger than ever before. If you want to have a fighting chance, you have to fight.

Even though we cannot go to big events or attending meetings, we are still connecting. GUIÓN says it best with, “Neighbors are reaching out to check-in, friends are dropping off care packages, and many individuals are sharing messages of hope.” We are still here, still human, and still pushing to be better than ever before. While there are undeniable challenges, we are not giving up. The power of hope and perseverance is very much alive as we continue to fight against these changes and stay linked together.