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Let’s Take Your Franchise to Higher Levels by Strengthening Your Fanbase

No matter the sport, fans bring life, and as a franchise, learning to keep them engaged is how you bump that energy level up a notch. Learning to engage your fans is crucial to helping them form a deep relationship with the athletes, which increases exposure for your team, and makes the game extra lively.

This is why at Guion Partners, we set up our sports fan engagement services to help football and basketball teams build stronger relationships with their audience and get the attention that will increase their brand awareness.

More Revenue

Sports is about passion, and the more involved you make your audience, the more they’re willing to spend their money on your merchandise and tickets. For your apparels alone, a 2009 study by the National Sporting Goods Association found that over $8 billion was spent on sportswear by US adults.

There’s a lot of profit that can be made from having an engaged fanbase. And to leverage this, you need experts. And with our cutting-edge technology, we can help you achieve this and more.

Better Performance From Your Athletes

The energy, encouragement, and, well, the banter from your fanbase all contribute to improving your players’ performance. And this only increases as your supporters increase.

With our team of technical experts, we bring into the picture, a robust digital solution that improves the match-day and off-game fan experience, which encourages fan engagement, and ultimately improves the morale of your players and success as a whole.

Lasting Fanbase Relationship

When you give your fanbase a better viewing experience and make them feel like they belong, they’ll surely stay with you through thick and thin. Because it’s expected that things won’t always go well, as it is in any sport. But when you treat your customers properly, they’ll surely stay.

Let’s help you create a lasting experience on and off the game season with our marketing efforts.

Who are we?

Founded in 2005, GUIÓN PARTNERS is a representation entity created by music industry executive LINDSAY GUIÓN to act as a global 360 representation firm. With over twenty years in the music industry, LINDSAY GUIÓN is a professional. He noticed a lack of rounded representation, so he decided to step out of the direct industry and take on the role of helping others find their path.

This cuts across the sporting industry as well, and we want you to be our next project.

Why us?

Our 65+ member team comprises talented management and professional marketing specialists, all working together to guide you to your dreams. The sporting industry can be challenging to navigate on your own, but we’ve got you covered. Our team of experienced industry veterans, who have access to hundreds of unique networking opportunities and special events, will be at your side, making your journey significantly easier. We are here to help you get ahead and gain the relations needed to make it happen.