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Top 7 Emerging Haute Couture Designers Who Are Giving It A Fresh Perspective

Fashion is always evolving, and that’s especially true for haute couture. While the big heritage houses like Chanel, Dior, and Valentino continue to dominate the scene, a new generation of designers is shaking things up. Here are the 8 most promising emerging haute couture designers who are giving this time-honored craft a fresh perspective.

Yulia Yanina, Yanina Couture

Yanina Couture, founded by Yulia Yanina more than 20 years ago in Moscow, has been on the Paris haute couture scene for just over 5 years. Her gowns are known for their beautiful surface embellishments like crystals and sequins and her use of pigmented rainbow shades.

Yuima Nakazato

Yuima Nakazato made its Paris Haute Couture Week debut in 2017 and has since become one of the most innovative designers to watch. His garments typically feature complex construction, like modular pieces that allow for endless customization or 3D-printed prototypes. They also often include unexpected elements like fabrics featuring built-in lights.

Celia Kritharioti

Inspired by her Greek heritage, Celia Kritharioti creates whimsically floaty gowns featuring beautiful surface embellishments like crystals and sequins. She also uses a technique known as moulage to construct her garments, applying embroidery from the start of the design process rather than as an afterthought.

Imane Ayissi 

Imane Ayissi made history in January 2020 as the first designer from sub-Saharan Africa to enter the official haute couture calendar. His garments are known for their bold colors and patterns, as well as their intricate beadwork and embroidery. Imane believes strongly in the spirit of tradition and has said that he “studied traditional techniques, learned histories and followed a path of learning based on my research.”

Julie de Libran

With an impressive résumé that includes prestigious design roles for LVMH and Sonia Rykiel, Julie de Libran was a natural fit to join the haute couture calendar. Her elegant garments are known for their flawless tailoring and her distinctive use of texture and color. Julie’s couture pieces are also sustainably produced, using leftover materials from mills she’s worked with for years.

Charles de Vilmorin

Charles de Vilmorin may be one of the youngest names on this list, but he’s already making waves in the fashion world. In 2020, he made his haute couture debut at Rochas before launching a successful namesake label that carries many of the same ideas and inspirations as his former employer – clean shapes with an emphasis on color.

Sofia Crociani, Aelis

Sofia Crociani’s Aelis label reflects her passion for sustainable, eco-friendly design. She often draws inspiration from nature and is committed to using cruelty-free materials and recycled fabrics. Her spring 2022 collection was inspired by virtual communication, focusing on creating out of the digital realm into reality.

These are just a few of the many exciting designers currently working in haute couture. With their fresh perspectives and innovative designs, they will keep this time-honored craft alive and thriving for years to come.