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5 Rules to Have an Organized Lifestyle

Life gets chaotic. There are meetings and kids’ practices, recitals, and cleaning that need to be done. All of it can leave you feeling drained and unorganized.

Getting your daily routine back on track might require professional: lifestyle management services.

Finding the balance and getting organized again can feel like a far-flung dream when you’re in the midst of the chaos. Living by these five rules can help guide you back to the path of an organized lifestyle and let you take back control over your life.


Honest Assessment

Before embracing and enacting each rule in your life, you’ll need to start with some honesty. Take time to evaluate where you feel your life lacks the most discipline and is the most unorganized.

Write down what’s happening within different areas of your life and your feelings or reactions to them. As you get honest with yourself, you may find several significant issues you want to address rather than trying to tackle the entire overwhelming issue.


Rule #1: Get Plenty of Sleep

As your life becomes more disorganized, it can easily let your sleep schedule slip away. You might find yourself up late trying to squeeze in one more load of laundry or dealing with clients late into the evening to try to get ahead.

Prioritizing your sleep schedule allows you to refresh your body and mind each day. Hitting this refresh button gives you more energy and drive while you’re awake during the day.

A solid and organized nighttime routine is one of the easiest ways to assert control over your daily life. Start with a small plan that allows you to commit to it each night. Your body will be able to relax into this routine and find true rest throughout the night.

Sleep affects every other area of your life, from your mental to physical health. Good sleep lets you lose weight, have more energy, and develop better relationships with others. Since your brain is rebooted after a good night’s sleep, you can focus on the organization’s bigger picture than simply reacting to a situation.


Rule #2: Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is the anathema of organized life. When you encounter an issue or project in your life, don’t put it down and promise yourself you’ll come back to it. Engage with the issue now and finish it before it becomes a bigger problem.

You may not be able to get to every issue, but when you focus on what you can control when it’s right in front of you, it won’t come back to disrupt your routine later in the day. Taking the problem one step at a time and finishing it before moving on with your day helps you stay organized throughout the process.


Rule #3: Make the Problems Manageable

Every issue you encounter throughout the day can be broken down from a large problem that requires enormous effort to a bite-sized piece that is easy to manage. Breaking down your big issues into these pieces gives you a better perspective.

It can be overwhelming to think about re-organizing your entire house. But if you start by organizing one kitchen cupboard, you’ll soon find you’ve got the kitchen done and are ready to move on to the living room. This same method is true of organizing schedules or routines. Change or tackle one part before moving on to the next.

This is a place where a journal or schedule might come in handy. Writing down your goals and what you plan on tackling each day can make it easier to simply check off the task when you’re done. The satisfaction of ticking off each task can be a huge motivator.


Rule #4: Trust Your Process

Everyone’s home and organized life are going to look different. It can be tempting to compare yourself to influencers and social media stars who appear to have their lives all tied up with a neat ribbon.

Your style of organization and the subsequent lifestyle will be different from your neighbors. It’s important to trust your own process.

This isn’t to say that you should just follow your gut. Instead, create a method and a process that works for you. Write down what constitutes organization for you and how you want to see it implemented in your life.

After you have all the organization outlined, you can start to build a plan around it. Follow your other steps, break down what you need to accomplish each organizational goal, and don’t procrastinate getting things done.


Rule #5: Kick Guilt to the Curb

Getting and staying organized comes with a lot of successes and failures. While they may be disappointing, those failures are never a reason for guilt.

Even though you know this in your mind, guilt can creep in and make it hard to stay focused. Leave the guilt to the curb and allow your process to play out the way you need to be successful.

All that heaped up guilt can keep you from being your most organized self and living your best life. Breathe deep and let your organization spin out at your own pace and in its own particular process.

Organizing your life and living an organized life can take a lot of focus and concentration. Breaking down the organization into bite-sized pieces and tackling each one is one of the best ways to create the lifestyle you want.

Lifestyle management services can help you achieve your organized lifestyle without sacrificing time. Each part of the service is designed to help you find your focus and learn to enjoy your home and social life again.

GUIÓN PARTNERS offers the best in these management services with a range of options for each individual. Let go of the chaos and embrace the organization as you opt into lifestyle services that cater to you.

Regardless of what area you want to organize in your life, using these five rules will help you find success.