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Music is not about the lyrics and videos


There's more to that than just a great release. Artists are gifted in singing, rapping, poetry, or writing these pieces. Music is vast, and it has room for all of these individuals who contribute differently in the industry. It is entertaining and educative when you listen to different tracks and go ahead to buy albums. However, there is a lot of work done before such a tremendous performance hits the service. And that's what we'll talk about today – management and marketing.

How does their music play in every station?

You often see an artist out here dressed in a particular way, selling out one specific brand, and giving credit to their management. So you might wonder, what’s the purpose of these record labels and artist management teams? If an artist was to do everything related to their career, we wouldn't succeed with many of these personalities. Music is not about the lyrics and videos; there's more to that than just a great release. Writing is part of their work, yes, but some artists have people who write lyrics for them. The performance part is where we need to give these talents a round of applause because that's all them. So how do they get there? How does their music play in every station? Why are they so successful?

Music Management

Every artist should have a manager because they cannot handle all the affairs in their careers. A music management team is responsible for all the things behind the scene. They play a pivotal role to ensure they groom an artist as well as the person you see behind your screen. Many fans give credit to the artists, but managers deserve a share of that too. Let's have a better understanding of why this should be so.

Different Roles Played by GMUSIC

GMUSIC is part of GUIÓN PARTNERS, a well-known brand that helps many artists achieve their dreams. There's a lot to say about GUIÓN PARTNERS, its work, the level of success, the impact on society, and the critical role it plays. But this article focuses more on what GMUSIC will do, a division that will entirely focus on music and artists. So what kind of roles does it play?

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Branding is the first necessary step for an artist. Branding involves having a stage or career name, having a unique tag (it might be in songs, the voice, dressing, type of videos, etc.), and personality. Depending on the kind of music that you are doing, the brand will differ in the same way.


Any bookings for shows, concerts, and events are the management's responsibility. We negotiate for the best pay, determine the venue, prepare your schedule, and ensure you are ready for anything. They only take deals that yield the best results.

Verification and licensing

A significant part of an artist's career are the legalities. It would be best if you did everything by the books, and your management is responsible for ensuring that it is adhered to. All licenses of operations and every verification are essential to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.


Working with a particular artist will benefit you, either in your career or reputation, then the management team is responsible for planning for one. They reach out to the other artist, do the introductory part, and ensure a good relationship and agreement before the project begins. They also represent you if anything arises, and they also make sure there is a smooth atmosphere all through.


The process of producing music is not as simple as it might look. There is a lot to work on from the lyrical part, beats, shooting, and releasing. After shooting, video submission happens next. Where verification will be done to ensure uniqueness and quality are considered. A pre-release countdown is also done to keep fans expectant as you do the finishing touches.


If you’re shooting for a video, then management plays a key role. They hire the team to work on the venue, cameras, lighting, dressing, and sounds. With all that in place, you can avail yourself and shoot your music video comfortably as you will also have a director and producer who will help you out in the whole process.

Music Marketing

Music marketing is part of GMUSIC's tasks. Every artist wants their music to be heard; they want to draw in new fans, grow their brand, keep updating their current fans, and ensure they have a good rank as well. However, a lot of time is spent working on the new project or an ongoing album. Moreover, they also want to maintain a private life. And it might be challenging to reach out there to many fans. Nevertheless, that's the sole reason why having an excellent marketing team is very crucial for growth and publicity.

What it Entails

Marketing is an all-around task that artists’ managers do. It involves playing different roles to ensure that they provide a fan base for the artist. Besides motivating knowing some people listen to your music and like it, articles get the drive to write more and do more for the fans. Music marketing has different approaches, and each is essential for the overall purpose of getting the music out there to the public. Some of the tasks include:

Music publicity – It’s every artist's desire for their music to be played on all major stations and channels. GUIÓN PARTNERS receive recognition for helping the artists sign with them to channel their music to famous and recognized stations. Music publicity is getting your work out there to the public for the fans to listen to and jam to for entertainment is your job.

Social media marketing – Social media platforms have changed how things used to be in the past. You can now get your music out there to your followers and fans using these platforms. Instagram and YouTube are the most preferred channels since fans are more attracted to content from these platforms.

Music promotion – Your marketing team should also ensure that your music is played on Spotify and Soundcloud as they are platforms for selling out your music. You can also reach as many fans, and they can access all your music there at once.


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The bottom line is that GMUSIC is here for the artists. We ensure that we give you the best working conditions, we cater to everything in your career and help you grow both as an artist and an individual. We provide you with services that'll increase your fans, sales, and profit. We groom you to become the best version of yourself and ensure that you achieve your dreams.

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