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Why is Jade Novah the Next Big Thing in R&B?

You may have heard of the singer-songwriter who rose to fame with her cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds that landed over 11 million views on YouTube in 2013. Lindsay Fields, known professionally as Jade Novah, grew up singing in a church in Cleveland, Ohio. Influenced by her father’s love for rock music and her mother’s interest in musical theater, Novah carved her life’s path around singing. Her music career kicked off fully when she moved to Atlanta and started writing songs for artists like Melanie Fiona and Christina Milian. Then, alongside her solo singing, Novah played as a backup singer for famous artists like Beyoncé, Missy Elliot, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. She also did many YouTube cover videos that brought her into the limelight before releasing her first single, Show Out, in August 2013. In response to her passion for music, Jade Novah continued to release her debut studio album, All Blue (2018), and later on, Stages (2020).

Married to producer and music manager Devin Johnson, Novah remains an American Contemporary R&B singer renowned for her Beyoncé impersonations and musical sketch comedic videos. She went viral for the comedy video where she depicted Beyoncé, Toni Braxton, and others. Novah and her husband worked on a different series of covers in 2017 involving famous professionals like Kendrick Lamar, Whitney Houston, and Ed Sheeran. In 2018, she was featured as a music mentor for contestants on The Four. Novah also worked as a VJ for V-103’s Morning Show for nine months, ending in January 2019, focusing on her music career. She proves her versatility in art by writing songs, singing, and acting. Novah is signed to record label Let There Be Art/ Empire and continues to write and perform pop songs and R&B.

Jade Novah made her debut appearance and performance at the 41st BESLA (Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association Inc.) Conference in Mexico. This trip was made possible by GUIÓN PARTNERS, a team of individuals passionate about raising new talent in entertainment. At BELSA 2021, Novah charmed the audience with a few cover songs, including Careful (Cardi-B), Skywalker (Miguel ft. Travis Scott), God’s Plan (Drake), and Real Love (Mary J. Blige). Spicing things up, she performed her original songs All Blue and Somebody Son. She presented a medley of R&B and Hip Hop, which held the audience in awe that night. Founded by LINDSAY GUIÓN, GUIÓN PARTNERS are making plans to bring Jade Novah further into the limelight by engaging her in future projects like TherapySKIN® and other musical performances around the globe. According to them, “we cannot wait to show the world what’s been missing in the world of Pop and R&B.”

Her debut album, All Blue, was nominated for the 2019 NAACP Image Award in the Best New Artist Category. Jade Novah continues to take center stage after years of writing music for other famous stars and touring. Besides being the next big thing in R&B, Jade Novah is also vegan, happily married, and formerly lived in Los Angeles.