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Top Innovative Film and TV Companies of 2021

Top Innovative Film and TV Companies of 2021

Innovation is the soul of every company. Stagnant ideas and technology lead to boredom and bankruptcy. That is why some of the world’s biggest film and TV companies invest several millions of dollars each year in innovation with the hope of getting ahead of the competition. In 2020, due to the pandemic, most people spent more time indoors, which accelerated the pace of change in the film and TV industry. This transcends the entertainment realm to become something more significant.

Today, we’ll take a look at the most innovative film and TV companies of 2021.


Netflix won the streaming wars in 2019 and has continued to push the TV and film industry to a whole new level. The company deep-pocketed courtship of reputable movie directors, with a lot of prestige content that produces 117 Emmy nominations and 24 Oscar nominations. With the buzz around Disney Plus, this streaming service also adds children’s entertainment. Also, to calm traditionalists who believe that streaming services will kill the cinematic experience, the company acquired Manhattan’s storied Paris Theater in order to guarantee filmmakers that they have nothing to fear and their movies and shows will always have a big screen attendance.

Focus Features

The company continues to create new means of bringing in more viewers. For instance, Focus Features amplifies the release of Downton Abbey by teaming up with Airbnb, hitting $97 million in the domestic box office. The company also partnered with LA Times Studios to develop Obsession (podcast). The company also listens to the call of Time’s Up, USC, and Sundance’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative asking for the inclusion of more female directors, by putting together six films directed by women.


The company “Impact” is working hard to solve the infamous gatekeeper problem facing Hollywood. The company is created to remove bias during the script submission process, bring in laudable projects from an unheralded talent into development. This program combines insider grooming of mentorship program with the startup philosophies of a Y Combinator-style accelerator. Since the company was created in 2018, over 60,000 writers from several countries have submitted scripts for anonymous evaluation, and the most viable candidates have been matched with the right mentor to take their scripts to the next level.


Hulu has established itself as a worthy rival to Netflix. When the company first arrived, the idea of free, high-quality content on-demand seems improbable. Several years later, Hulu is one of the countless streaming services competing to win the most viewers online. Hulu, alongside Netflix, is the hub for favorite movies and TV shows as well as a producer of original content. The company has over 36 million subscribers, which is quite impressive if you consider how little it is pushed by Disney compared with Disney Plus.

Cinetic Media

Today, filmmaking technology is so advanced and affordable that, an average person can easily make a movie. However, getting people to actually see it is as difficult as it’s always been. This company is at the forefront of the next evolution of this process for documentary films. Cinetic Media combines aspects of strategic advising, talent management, and sales, working on both content creation and distribution.