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The Secret to Success Wellness Travel - How Wellness Retreats Can Help in Relaxing and Finding New Motivation

The Secret to Success: Wellness Travel – How Wellness Retreats Can Help in Relaxing and Finding New Motivation

Do you suffer from stress? Most of us do. Wellness retreats can help with that. In this blog post, We will be exploring the positive effects of health holidays to combat stress and find new motivation for what lies ahead and look at some travel quotes from those who have been there and done it!

Several studies have shown how important it is to take a break from all that ails you and recharge your batteries, both mentally and physically. It was found that giving in to our every whim might not always be the best thing for our overall well-being. A short stay in an exotic location could prove just what we need to get back on track again. Studies show that long-haul flights can lead to bacteria growing in our nasal cavities, which artificially lowers our immune system. When we land, this boosts up again – yippee!

Going on holiday has even been shown to boost memory and protect against Alzheimer’s disease. Traveling through the world helps you be more open-minded than when you first boarded that plane. They often return home refreshed and rejuvenated no matter where one decides to go. The average adult takes 3-4 short breaks per year (two weeks or less for individuals aged 30+), with stays at hotels/resorts being the most frequent choice of accommodation (61%). In contrast, 35% stay with friends or relatives, according to a report published by Mintel.

Wellness Resorts That You Can Travel To

There is such a wide range of wellness resorts popping up worldwide, and we are sure that you will be able to find one that fits your ideal vision of relaxation. Here’s a list of some:

  • The Destination Spa (Auckland) (Sophisticated and urban treatments and facilities).
  • Thai Orchid Resort (Koh Samui, Thailand) (Close to the beaches and nightlife – designed with couples in mind).
  • Lone Star Ranch Fitness Retreat & Lodge (Texas, USA).
  • Golden Door (Northern California, USA).
  • Seasons Hualalai at Historic Ka’upulehu (Kauai).
  • The Amala Spa at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.
  • CSA Travel Bug allows you to find wellness retreats in your back garden.

Wellness retreats can offer a wide range of benefits for your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to relax after a busy few months at work or rekindle a love that has diminished over the years, we are sure that there is a resort out there that has been specially designed with you in mind. If not, then maybe it’s time to consider going somewhere exotic!