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Bessie Smith Foundation

non-profit organization

Understanding More About the Foundation for Bessie Smith

The Bessie Smith Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps preserve and celebrate Black American history and culture through art, education, research, and entertainment. The foundation's goal is to signify the importance of education for Black Americans. Most of the grants are focused on granting scholarships for Black Americans that attend an accredited college or university.

The foundation was created in honor of the famous blues singer, Bessie Smith, who had a passion for education and wanted to make higher education accessible for people of color. Bessie Smith was a strong independent woman who valued a woman's ability to be who she is. Many women of all races are afraid to be themselves, but Bessie symbolizes that you can be anything you want. She was a strong and independent person who valued the strength of a woman to be her own person. The foundation also represents the importance of education for people of color.

Goals & Strategy

The mission of the Bessie Smith Foundation is to improve education for people of color. We offer funding and other resources to those who don't have access to higher education due to the lack of resources to help them thrive in the rapidly changing world and realize their full potential in school, work, and life. Due to this, the number one priority for the foundation for Bessie Smith is to secure enough donations and sponsorships to provide as many scholarships as possible.

To bring awareness about Bessie Smith and how she influenced a century of popular music, we are looking to produce a movie about her and her husband Jack Gee in 2022. This movie is expected to be finished by 2024 at the latest. While the film will mostly be about the relationship between Bessie and Jack, it will also feature how Black Americans lived between the early 1900s to 1930s and how it parallels the way we live today.

Future Plans

The founders hope this foundation will open the door for scholarships and workshops on business, music lessons, support groups, and access to free or low-cost mental health help. The foundation wants to improve lives and give back to the community, especially people of color. We understand the need of others and that spirit of giving lives in the Bessie Smith Foundation.

Sponsoring Partnerships

The Bessie Smith Foundation is happy to team up with other organizations, brands, or causes that align with our goals and vision. We have currently teamed up with Paul McCartney's Company MPL to bring Bessie Smith to Broadway and seek donations for its scholarships. If you or your company would like to partner with Bessie Smith Foundation to help us share the unique story of Bessie Smith, contact us today.