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Avoid These Mistakes While Releasing Your Music

Avoid These Mistakes While Releasing Your Music

Most aspiring musicians often realize late that making music is only one part – music marketing is another hurdle to cross. The aim is to release music and get on the path to success. But with the numerous advice and opinions everywhere, it’s difficult to know what to do before pressing ‘publish’ on your work.

Our era of streaming platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and the likes breaks a new opening for music marketing. The old release strategies may not work with the latest industry model, and not every artist is coping to suit the new model.

Think of releasing your music as a large project that requires attention to detail and careful planning to suit current times. The best way to avoid mistakes is by staying informed and ensuring you have everything in place beforehand.

How The Music Industry Worked

Before discussing the latest music industry changes, the old models that worked in the ’80 and ’90 were perfect for their time. Asides from listening to music in concerts or gatherings, most folks vibed to good music via radio. Every artist wanted to get their music to the radio stations, album stores, and renowned DJs with the most audience.

Before the 2000s, nobody had the internet or social media platforms to discuss new music. Hence, there was no streaming, but radios were their only option, which did the trick then. Labels rely on radio stations and DJ links to get their singles to the listener’s ears.

The Old Music Marketing System

All effort was toward toward convincing people to buy albums. But since most buyers already have a choice of the album from famous artists even before going to the stores, the aspiring ones barely get the chance. The promotional system back then began with the albums getting to the stores before the artists released tracks as introductions to encourage people to go out and buy the single or album.

At this point, your first song determines how many listeners can get hooked and want to vibe to your beat on repeat for weeks. Then they build interest and consider moving to the other singles in the album. Your fan base drives your album sales. This can mean your album stays on the store’s shelf for months without interest.

The Upgrade We Need To Adapt

While the old model produced results before the revolution of streaming, practicing the same system is one reason artists and music agencies struggle to attain their proper reach. Today’s technology wedged by social media and streaming platforms introduces a different way of listening to and discovering music. Instead of the basic method of releasing albums to stores before getting to radio stations, there’s a new release strategy with some variations.

Rearranged Release Cycle

The new system is to release singles before getting the entire album out. In many ways, artists can use these singles to create, plan release seasons, and pave the path for getting the whole project into the limelight.

Using Improved Marketing Tool

The new music industry favors Youtube videos, Spotify playlists, and social media. Musicians leverage these tools to build momentum with their singles and attract new fans. The old model relies on more risk, but releasing music to these platforms makes music marketing more accessible and realistic.

Increase Your Online Presence

Simply listening, following, sharing songs on social media, or adding music to a personal playlist boosts attention for the artist. The best thing about these actions is that most require only a simple click, creating a higher chance for listeners to follow through. With each single, you are bound to have more people following through while you wait for the exponential effects.

Earn Free Publicity

While streaming platforms like Spotify rank as one of the most used Apps with millions of users. Implementing this platform is a win for both parties. Your music offers content to serve the users and keep them returning for more. Indirectly or directly, it’s beneficial to you too. Once you release a new song to the platforms, your followers on the forum get notification of the news, and you appear on the ‘new releases’ radar of people that listen to the same genre. This feature from the App earns you free publicity.

Grow Your Fan Base

Your music getting into the playlists of new listeners is a strategy to expose new people to your craft. While some users have a tight seal on accepting other music to invade their list, others curate playlists, and getting your music increases your audience.

Remain Proactive

Streaming platforms offer something different than the old model of radio stations going through a selected cycle of top songs alone that may never air again – well, they may play a few old songs. However, it gives the listeners a tough time researching and finding the singles they enjoyed while listening. There are more reasons to remain proactive with your craft since the new music industry model helps listeners quickly discover new songs, old releases, and even forgotten songs. The algorithm easily links your old releases to the new tracks you have out, which is more reason to practice consistency.

Carving Your Music Career Path with Streaming Services

Some artists still yearning for a path to reach their audience often consider streaming platforms like Spotify as the enemy. While their reasons can be heard, abandoning the new system prevents them from enjoying benefits. Streaming services open unexpected ways to thrive in our demanding and competitive music industry. The aim should be to release music following the tendencies of the algorithm on renowned streaming platforms and attain high music consumption.

Indeed, using these platforms can be frustrating without proper management, but it’s already a built-in marketing strategy necessary to excel in today’s music industry. Getting support from professionals like GUIÓN PARTNERS helps position you in the right place to take advantage of the new system before getting your music out there. We equip you to ensure your releases strengthen the bond between you, your fans, and your followers.