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Guion Partners

GUION PARTNERS was founded in 2005 by music industry entreprenuer Lindsay Guion. In the past decade, we have grown to a team of 12 talented marketing and management professionals, in addition to our partnerships with industry leaders around the world.

Meet our Founder, Chairman, and CEO

lindsay guion

After 20+ years of working in the music industry, Lindsay decided to create what he always thought was missing: a global 360 representation firm.



Since I was a child, the concept and desire to create my own business was deeply rooted and cultivated. Initially, I would come up with numerous business ideas either …

Entrepreneur Interview with IdeaMensch

My parents were fierce and passionate fans of entertainment and sports, and it was only natural that I also followed a similar path. However, with the growth of …

Lindsay Guion Talks the Entertainment Industry

I started this business with just three employees in a tiny 3rd-floor office. In the initial stages, I only had a group of five motivated employees, and …