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Entertainment Talent Management Agency

Working in the entertainment industry is the dream of millions.


Global Entertainment Talent Management

There is an endless stream of talented individuals looking for their big break. With everyone looking for the keys to success, it can be a tight race to make it big in the entertainment world. Knowing how to market yourself successfully is key in increasing your potential for meeting these goals. This can be tricky when you are working alone, but with the right team behind you, you can easily get your name out there and expand your horizons beyond belief. That’s where the team at GUIÓN PARTNERS comes in.


Effective Strategies

With experience marketing on behalf of brands, entertainment entities, and individual entertainers, GUIÓN PARTNERS utilizes a toolkit of effective and time-tested marketing strategies to expand your reach. This, in turn, generates interest in your brand, drawing in your target client audience and expanding your offers and impact.


Experience On Your Side

After more than twenty-years working within the music industry, founder, chairman, and CEO of GUIÓN PARTNERS, LINDSAY GUIÓN turned his skills and experience towards a wholly new endeavor: creating a global firm that offers complete representation.


Brand Professionals

As professionals within the industry, we will handle all of the detail work with marketing and ensure that the message you wish to send with your brand is received loud and clear! No matter what your needs may be, comprehensive representation coverage will be provided by the GUIÓN PARTNERS team.

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In an industry as fast-paced and constantly changing as the entertainment niche, you have to be ready to lace up and chase those dreams.

Are You Ready?

If you want to turn those big, beautiful dreams of playing for packed stadiums or speaking with adoring fans into more than dreams, you need a team that can truly help you find your step-by-step path.


How We Can Make You a Success Story

We can make it a lot easier and more comfortable by providing a team to stand by your side and run the success race along with you.


We here at GUIÓN PARTNERS are entirely equipped to start handling the heavy lifting to get your talent the recognition it deserves through precise and carefully designed marketing platforms.

Plan & Execute

Our professionals will plan and execute marketing techniques that suit your brand and unique talents to the people that need to see them.

Full Potential

We are here to help ensure your potential energy is being steered in the right direction and all of the wheels you have in motion are driving you to success!

Reach Your Dream

Our job is to make your dreams become reality through real-world applications and if given the opportunity, our trained staff will do just that!

Turbo Boost

Boosting others is what we do best, and we look forward to helping you clear every hurdle that gets you closer to reaching your best version of success.


With our industry-leading marketing techniques on your side, your chances will be better than ever, and all the more reachable.

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