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GUIÓN PARTNERS in Collaboration with Sony

GPI is now in collaboration with Sony in a joint effort to promote the Therapy merchandise. The partnership will offer exclusive and authorized merchandise of the Therapy production to a broader audience.

Founded in 2005, GUIÓN PARTNERS has remained committed to talent management in various fields. The brainchild of Lindsay Guion, a top music industry executive, GUIÓN PARTNERS acts as a global representation entity. Although it started as a management outlet for only musicians, the firm has amplified its service and technique into other fields such as film, technology, sports, and even real estate management.

GPI has leveraged its talented marketing and management teams to bring connections and opportunities to its clients. The highly acclaimed short film “Therapy” highlights the decades of industry experience that the talent firm offers its clients.

Therapy is a motion picture that depicts raw emotion and desperation. It casts Actor Barachi in the lead role of ‘Jonathan.’ At the same time, Isadora Ortega plays ‘Jayda.’ Based on a true story, the movie explores the journey of two lovers and their innocent romance as it goes full circle. The motion picture is accompanied by a soundtrack that conveys the raw emotions of the story.

Since its release, Therapy has won more than 60 film festival awards globally, including the Best Romance film at the 2019 Top Film Festival. The film has also garnered accolades for its spectacular cinematography and emotional soundtrack. GPI founder Lindsay Guion won the “Best Producer” award for his role as the executive producer of the motion picture.

GPI is partnering with global entertainment powerhouse Sony in a deal that will see both organizations’ combined efforts to launch Therapy to a broader audience. Sony is regarded as one of the world’s leading entertainment organizations. Its operations cut across various fields, including motion picture and digital content production and distribution. Sony’s roster features some of the world’s biggest superstars who have continued to blossom under the management of the entertainment entity.

What Does This Deal Mean for Therapy?

Following the huge success of the Therapy motion picture with GUIÓN PARTNERS, a collaboration with a powerhouse like Sony will help the film, and its soundtrack reach new heights. The collaboration with Sony contributes to the marketing efforts of the Therapy merchandise and other products. The products listed on the Therapy film website and GMUSIC+ store are available for easy access to the audience.

Therapy and GMUSIC+ store offer merchandise from the motion picture, including clothing, mugs, phone cases, and other accessories. The clothing line includes an assortment of fashionable robes, t-shirts, crew neck sweaters, hats, and hoodies, which pay homage to the award-winning film. In addition, fans can shop from a long list of other Therapy products such as tote bags, mugs, pillows, Bluetooth speakers, and yoga mats.

Stay tuned to the Therapy film website and GMUSIC+’s official store to be first in line to see what this partnership means for the Therapy merchandise.