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Complete Guide to Music Video Promotion

Music video promotion is essential for every artist. This quest ensures that your music reaches out to multiple listeners. This will build your fanbase and increase your audience. It further increases your recognition in the industry and builds your brand altogether. Music video promotion can also earn you potential sponsors and brand partnerships, helping you grow your music career.

With all these in store for you, what are various ways to promote music videos?

Ways to Promote Music Videos

When everything is said and done, it all comes down to the best ways to promote your music video. The best methods of promoting music videos include;

1. Hype

It’s imperative to keep your audience on their toes. Before releasing an album or a single music video, share some information during the shoot, when the music will be released, where you’ll launch the album, and what people should expect. Building the anticipation will make your music video interesting as the audience will be eager for the release.

2. Social Media and Influencers

Social media is critical in this digital era. It plays a primary role in building brands and marketing products. You should keep updating your followers on what you’re working on with glimpses of studio sessions or photos of people you’re planning to collaborate with.

It’s also essential to link up with influencers. They’ll sell out your music to their audience as they have multiple audiences glued to their content, and they are in a better position to convince these folks of how good your music is. It’s more of a referral type of marketing.

3. Paid Ads

Paid ads appear on particular pages. They are shown to all interested parties seeking your type of music and everyone on the platform. YouTube ads are the best way to go, as they’ll play before the selected video is shown. This ensures that the user will see your music video, and if there’s a clickable link, they’ll be directed to your channel for more music.

4. Email Blast

Emails are also an excellent tool for music video promotion. Having an email list is important, and unlike social media, people who prefer email marketing are a mature audience. Such a move will expose you to potential partners in different areas from dressing, shooting staff, marketing team to legal advisors.

5. Management

GUIÓN PARTNERS is among the top music video promotion companies that’ll take you places. Other than marketing your music, the company has also ventured into broadcasting, so you can have your album release played live to audiences who cannot attend concerts. We also do talent management, which gives artists overall growth in all areas of their careers.

6. SEO Optimization

The main aim of music promotion is to increase the discoverability of your music. Ensuring that your music video is optimized is key as you’ll find multiple views on platforms such as YouTube. Some things to do for SEO Optimization include tagging, including corresponding descriptions, and categorizing your music video.

Music Video Promotion is essential in building a good brand and growing your music career. Working with the best team will increase your chances of reaching out to the masses. Reach out to GUIÓN PARTNERS for the best music video promotion services.