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What Does it Take to Become An Effective Sports Operations Manager?

The world of digital technology has transformed many industries. For the business of sports management, it is now leveraging on sales, data analytics, sponsorship development, and brand marketing through merchandising and licensing. Sports operations managers should have the relevant skillset to be competitive nowadays. There are certain key factors for a manager to dominate and…

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Media and Entertainment Industry Trends – What Are They?

Through this pandemic, there have been several notable changes in the way the entertainment industry is operating. Most of the things fans and entertainers enjoyed a while back are not available in the ‘new normal. These changes have also shaped the entertainment industry and forced talents to become more creative. It is challenging but some…

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Risk Management Tips and Implementation

With the number of risks in the sports industry, it is crucial for every sports organization to have a risk management program. A risk management program will keep the team in check to ensure that nothing affects the team. However, this should be done carefully and with professionalism to keep any harm at bay. A…

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Lindsay Guion – How He Turns Ideas Into Reality

Turns Ideas Into Reality

When he was hosted for an interview, Lindsay Guion was asked why he has a high rate of success in his deeds, and he said these words, “Learn when to execute an idea and when to incubate it till maturity.” Picking it from that phrase, we can base this article on Lindsay Guion’s foundation as…

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GPI Sports – Your Ultimate Sports Guidance

The digitization of sports has caused a tremendous amount of change in the industry. Unlike how the old-fashioned way of playing gave fans access to stadiums and allowed cheering, we see our teams score through screens. Fans have changed their behavior, for they now seek to view matches using different sources. Technology has been vital…

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How Information Technology is changing the Nature of Management Practices in Sport

The advancement of humanity has been dramatically orchestrated by the development experienced in various areas of human endeavors and sectors of the economy such as education, government, industry, and sports. Information technology development has brought great transformation to all of the sectors listed above. It has positively affected many human endeavors, and this article is…

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HIRING: Interns and Assistants to Join our Dynamic GMUSIC+ Team

We are looking for both Interns and Assistants to join our dynamic GMUSIC+ team. In this role, you will be remotely working alongside key business and technology stakeholders to ensure the success of high-priority integration projects. What You’ll Do:  Ensure integration projects are completed on time, within the scope, and within budget Develop detailed integration…

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